This universe is the body of god.
Ponder this in all matters.

Osashizu July 7,1890

What I have said means none other than the following; the state of mind of man gives birth to the state of the world. The state of man, the truth of the mind of man, becomes the state of the world. You cannot find joy in this state. Therefore I teach.

The current state of the human mind is based upon reasoning that rises up from fundamental original consciousness and which provides a natural foundation for self centered thinking and actions.

Looking all over the world and through all ages,
I find no one who has understood my heart.
So should it be for I have never taught it to you.
It is natural that you know nothing.

This means that the current foundation of our self centered thinking is shallow and that there is a deeper foundation that we can expose, know and understand and from which we can reason and guide our self centered thoughts and actions freely and without the limitations that weight down our current accumulated purely self centered ponderings.

 Compare the results over time of reasoning from our shallow self centered foundation alone with the reasoning that once taught flows directly from the knowledge and understanding in all matters that this universe is the body of God and that all human beings are things lent by God. It very quickly makes a fundamental difference in the way we view both the truth of our own mind and the way in which we experience the truth of our world.



QuicklyQuickly is one of the most often repeated instructions given in the poems Tip of the Writing Brush. Generally it comes in two forms. In the first form God is in a hurry to help us to spiritually awaken by exposing the core of our mind. In the second form God is hastening us to follow the instructions for revealing the core of our mind and spiritually awakening to the truth of origin that awaits us there. I imagine that in both cases quickly is about priority and asks if our priority for awakening matches God's priority to help us to do so.  There are after all many other things that we could do with our time.

"In the beginning, the world was a muddy ocean. Moonsun, God the parent, finding this chaos unbearably tasteless, thought of creating human being in order to see the joyous life and thus share in that joy. "

Doctrine of Tenrikyo Chapter 3

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"We human beings wander about the mind's dark paths having nothing to depend upon but our own self-centered imaginations".

The Doctrine of Tenrikyo , Revised 1984

In one simple sentence the human experience is clearly stated. From our own experience we can say that life is either totally satisfying, sometimes satisfying and sometimes not satisfying or totally dissatisfying.  The condition of our self-centered imaginations is either a problem for us or it's not. If it isn't a problem the we are welcome to remain as we are. On the other hand if it is a problem then the teaching of our original parental consciousness hastens us to return our self-centered imagination to its original pristine condition and promises us that such a return will yield true satisfaction in all matters. The invitation to return to our origin is not a judgment concerning the paths that we have walked rather it is an offer of relief in case we are tired of running around lost without a sure guide to show us the way.
The cure for dissatisfaction in all matters then is the result of returning our self-centered imagination to its origin. It is a quick and straight forward proposition and proof.  So what  is the problem with testing the proposition realizing the proof one way or another? Well basically, our self-centered imagination wants the result without carrying out the test for proof? What a surprise. The simple proposition and test for proof is then dragged into the self-centered imagination and is experienced as just one more dark path to get lost on. We are advised to honestly ponder this problem and take corrective measures if we wish to quickly realize the test for proof that is promised.

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Cut with self centered thining

True sincerity is the willingness to cut with our self centered imaginings and doubts and expose the parental heart.



But my teachings can be seen quickly.
This will be the proof that cannot be denied.

There is a big difference between asking someone to believe something and telling them that the path that is offered can be quickly tested and proven.  If in the past I hesitated to emphasize the test for proof it was only because I wondered off into paths of doubt fueled by misunderstanding of intention and unrealistic expectations.