This universe is the body of god.
Ponder this in all matters.

"[I]t took considerable time for the family members to understand and comply with God's will."

Sermons and  Addresses by the Shinbashira, 1986-1995, 1996 edition

What Moonsun has once said
will never become false through all time.
Unaware of this, even all of you close to Me
think My words to be worldly common.

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QuicklyQuickly awakening to the truth of origin is a matter of priority. We all have worldly common concerns and priorities however, moving the settling our mind and pondering what remains to the top of our ToDo list is what is asked of us by our parent of origin. This then makes the setting of our priority a matter of true sincerity as opposed to continued worldly common pursuits.


Thus, even in this one example of writing the Ofudesaki, the mind of Oyasama was entirely devoted to saving all people and to nurturing them so that none would stray from the path. In each example demonstrated in the Divine Model of Oyasama I feel Her parental love deeply, for in these examples She has shown us the best possible means to cope with each of the constantly changing situations of life. In the course of pursuing my thoughts, I came to the conclusion that the path of single-hearted salvation did not proceed as smoothly as Oyasama had planned. We read in the Ofudesaki, part one, verses 45 to 50:

Looking all over the world and through all ages,
I see various paths of life.
Hereafter, I shall speak in the metaphor of a path,

not indicating any place in particular. Over steep mountains, through tangles of thorns, along narrow ledges, and through brandished swords, if you come, Yet ahead through a sea of flames and a deep abyss, you will arrive at a narrow path. After following the narrow path step by step, you will come to a broad path. This is the trustworthy main path. This talk is not someone else’s concern. It is a matter of your own and your single-heartedness with God.

Ofudesaki I:45–50


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Cut with self centered thining


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But my teachings can be seen quickly.
This will be the proof that cannot be denied.