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The name Tenrikyo:

The name Tenrikyo means the reason or truth of heaven. It implies reasoning from the knowledge and understanding of a single  truth. Since there is no such place as a heaven that exists as an otherworldly supernatural home of gods and spirits who live in another world in the sky or on another plane and from there interact with human beings, in this context "heaven" means the One Truth of Origin, the one truth that really and provably exists at the core of all human minds equally and indeed at the core of any and everything. The purpose then of Tenrikyo is to teach, by all means, ways to expose the one truth of origin to all of the minds in the world. In each mind to which that one truth is exposed or revealed a way or reasoning is made available and introduced into the world as a flow of reason and logic. It is that way of reasoning logically from the point of view of the one truth of origin that will, if the work or service required to reveal it is completed, bring about the world of joyous life for all equally.

Briefly, the Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission is intended to draw upon the power of the one truth of origin to provide hastening and guidance to any and everyone who would wish to return their mind to its original pristine condition and in so doing receive the high spirited, free and unlimited workings that flow from the knowledge and understanding of that one truth.

A little more detail for those who crave it:

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