Tenrikyo Newpath: Return to the origin and test it for your self

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Tools to prepare the mind for return to its origin:



Knowing the truth of origin and the truth of self. Both of these are one in truth. They are the foundation of our anatomy. Knowing them provides a foundation of joy for our perceptions. Not knowing them is a risky business. It all well and good when things are going our way but when they're not, its best to return to the Origin.

Sincere deep self reflection and resolve. Inquiring into the make up and truth of oneself is the way of knowledge.  Though I think that this kind of inquiry into what one can find out about oneself by consciously turning one's attention inside is the most direct approach to spiritual awakening I am also aware that for many people this is a rather meaningless exercise. Not to worry, there are other ways to go.


Surrendering all attachments lean with true sincerity on a higher power. There can be no doubt that God accepts the truly sincere mind.  Abandoning all attachment sink into the warm Parental Heart and there find the Joyous Life.

Traditionally this approach has the broadest appeal. To use this tool the devotee selects either an external or internal object, concept or ideal and diminishes the self centered imagination in relation to the object of devotion. Perfection of devotion then involves the total annihilation of the self centered imagination leaving only the original in its stead.  Newpath provides examples of both external and internal objects of devotion.

For some people rational discourse has considerably weakened the efficacy of this tool. In that case deep self reflection or unselfish works are suggested. 

Unselfish Works

Work done without thought of oneself mirrors the mind of God. The sun shines and makes both good and evil possible. Look at all things from the point of view of the good. It is a conscious and powerful choice and will surely return a Joyous Life.

One of the most effective kinds of unselfish work involves one's efforts toward helping another person become spiritually awakened.



Last but by no means least there is the perfection of service to the truth of origin. There are all kinds of these services from all over the world. They are basically psycho mechanical practices that tend to purify the mind so that the distinction between what is and what is imagined might be easily discerned. The Service that Newpath offers and teaches is in my opinion a very easy and effective tool for getting the job done. Performed twice a day, like brushing one's teeth or combing one's hair, I think that this simple exercise provides an ample foundation for good mental hygiene and spiritual awakening.

These days we wear clothes from made of Egyptian cotton sewn in Indonesian shops. We eat an international fare and drive German and Japanese cars.  These are all tools that we select with a purpose. The Service that I am offering as a tool to prepare the mind to return to its Origin, I teach in Japanese. I don't speak Japanese and I don't expect that you will have to either. The simple fact is that the lady who first taught it was Japanese and its easier, for me anyway, to do it as she taught it than to try and translate it. The bottom line is its easy, its fun and it works.  

The Model Path

On October 26th, 1838 Miki Nakayama spiritually awakened and began to craft a model path of Single Hearted Salvation. Working tirelessly until her passing on January 26th, 1887 she has left us fifty years of her efforts to keep open a path of Single Hearted Salvation. Testing the elements of the path on herself and her family she gradually opened a path that was appropriate for the time, the place and the spiritual maturity of those around her and by leaving us such a detailed model of how that path was made she has shown the way to open a path to the whole world.

Thousands of people have spiritually awakened to a joyous life by following the model path step by step. 


Of course no matter what tool one chooses True Sincerity solely remains the one true art.

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