Tenrikyo: Take the point of view of the Origin


Timber for the construction of a joyous life:


There are times when we want to go it alone, times when we want to be part of a team and still other times when we think we could use some help. When we choose to work together and help each other, the act of uniting our minds tends to refine our self centered imaginations and in so doing hasten our awakening.  Then again when we need help and need to be reminded of our goal its nice to have encouragement readily available.

Generally the kinds of actions that make timber useful for construction can be gathered into a handful of broad categories. First there are those whose temperament allows them to be masters of the woods. These Timbers move freely amongst the trees finding and bringing in those that can be useful. Next there are the planers. These timbers remove what is not needed leveling and straightening the surfaces of the wood. The framing masters come next. They provide a framework and give definition to the structure. Last  there are the fine work masters who provide the finishing touches to the work.

Newpath is looking for timber. If you see yourself uniting your mind with the tasks above and  would like to join up just drop us a line.


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