Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

X 9-12

From now on, Moonsun will favor those in Nihon step by step.


We have to tread carefully here to make sure that we do not make a mistake. There are two states of mind. Nihon, the state of mind that knows and is in accord with the truth of its origin and Kara, the state of mind that is alienated from the truth of origin and knows nothing of it. Moonsun promises that step by step as one approaches the truth of origin, life will be better than if one remains alienated from the truth of origin, wandering around and lost so to speak, in the darkness of the self-centered imagination, without any sure guide to a life of joy. In this verse we are emphatically hastened to make the distinction between the two and judge for ourselves which mind is better for us. 

I shall teach you everything about all things

so that nothing will remain which you do not know.

To ensure that we do not misunderstand the Nihon vs. Kara metaphor Moonsun has set the bar for being Nihon very high in this theme. The promise that "nothing will remain which you do not know" is impossible in the worldly common terms of the self-centered imagination however the same promise is quite within the reach of the mind that returns to its origin and settles in Nihon.

When the pillar is set up in Nihon,

you shall no longer fall ill, die, or become weakened.

The bar cannot be set any higher than this. The foundation of Kara, that is the foundation of self-centered human thought, is the idea that we are body and mind and only that. Because of that belief, what happens to the body and the mind happens to us. Both the body and the mind go through constant change. Perhaps the most dramatic of which we call birth, illness and death. The foundation of Nihon, that is the foundation of the mind that has returned to its origin at the core of its being, is not an idea but the real and true original cause of all that exists. The pillar is the Kanrodai. Setting up the pillar is the proof that the mind has returned to its origin. That mind has the total knowledge of all that changes as well as of  that one original truth that never changes. It is the mind that is totally in accord with Moonsun. Everything without exception is Moonsun. The universe is Moonsun's body and we are invited to free ourselves from the self-centered imagination's bondage to just a mortal body by uniting our mind with the free and unlimited workings that naturally flow from Moonsun's mind. Thus knowing both mortality and immortality as the truth of our own self. 

Until now, those of Kara have rampantly 

done as they pleased. This time, I shall give them a return. 

The return that is given to Kara is the return that is given to the self-centered imagination. When things are going well we are likely not to give a care and do as we self-centeredly please but when things go badly and get beyond our control, things like illness or trouble that we cannot handle, then it is wise to see those situations as returns for mistakenly claiming ownership of that which  is actually borrowed from Moonsun. At times like those it is best to view such returns as a hastening to return to the origin and the total protection and warm embrace of Moonsun, the Parent of Origin.  But then, why wait for things to go wrong. If you are reading this then Moonsun is already drawing you back to the origin. Calm your mind and settle into the origin even now at this moment. See for yourself if Nihon is favored over Kara