Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

There are then, two fundamental states of our mind: The worldly common state that is alienated from and does not know the truth of its own origin and the original natural state that has returned to its origin and in so doing knows the truth of its own origin and by extension of all things.

 The foundation of  reasoning from the point of view of the state of mind that is alienated from its origin is the self-centered imagination. The self-centered imagination is limited and bound by the body that it imagines to be the truth of itself. Though unintended, reasoning from the point of  view of the marvel that is the self-centered imagination only, has for many human beings led to a life of anxiety, fear and suffering. That is to say, to a life that is lacking in joy. 

The foundation of  reasoning from the point of view of the mind that has returned to its original natural state is single-heartedness with the truth of origin. The mind that has as its foundation single-heartedness with the truth of origin is free and unlimited, having truly settled the knowledge that the whole universe is the body of the one original being, the Parent of origin, Moonsun. Reasoning from the point of view of single-heartedness with Moonsun is by its very nature the point of view of free and unlimited Joy and the cure for all human ills, including even illness and death. 

It is promised that Moonsun will teach us all of these matters and save us after first settling our self-centered imaginations. For this purification to happen it is not necessary for us to engage in any worldly common or self-centered activities. We will be saved when we are ready to allow Moonsun to purify our mind. Let's continue on with the poems.  

X 17-20

Then, a marvelous path will open,

and the performers of the Service will all assemble.

After we determine our mind to allow Moonsun to rush out we can begin the performance of the Service which will purify our minds and step by step. 

Step by step and day by day, the mind will become spirited.

What a rich harvest will appear in Yamato!

As it is purified in a step by step manner gradually the mind that was once "Kara", alienated from the truth of  its origin, will become "Nihon", the original, natural, free and unlimited state of mind that is one with the truth of its origin. The rich harvest is of course the opening of a new path of single-hearted salvation that will bring the joyous life to all of the minds of the world. 

Day by day, hasten to begin the Service.

You will escape any danger whatever.

So far, though the words of the poems are very promising we face the same dilemma as those earliest followers who heard this teaching. We are hastened , just as they were, to begin the Service. We often speak of the fear that those earliest followers had of the authorities as the cause of their reluctance to begin the Service. We are free not only to choose to perform the Service but also as our mind settles and becomes pure to consciously make the effort to ponder deeply in all matters the truth that any and everything of this universe is the body of God. 

However serious your illness may be,

you will all be saved by the Service done single-heartedly.

The situation of a person who is burdened by illness or trouble might be described as that of a person carrying a very heavy load on their shoulders. Moonsun, the Parent of origin is offering to take over that burden and lift it from our shoulders. The problem is that, though we would like to be relieved of the burden we are reluctant to give it up. In verse X: 13 we were told: By this talk, I don not tell anyone to do anything. Since the foundation of our worldly common thinking is the self-centered imagination, we are prone to look for self-centered actions as solutions for our problems. In this case we told that we don't have to do anything. If we will allow it, Moonsun will take care of everything. This then is our problem. Often we seek to find some kind of fleeting self-centered satisfaction as the solution for our problems and we turn to a higher power for that result. Moonsun is eager and willing to provide us with the true and lasting satisfaction that flows from single-heartedness with the truth of origin but cannot rush out and do so unless we allow it by settling the self-centered thinking that, by its nature, turns away single-hearted salvation. To help us to overcome this obstacle to our salvation Moonsun has provided us with a way to purify our mind. That is the single-hearted performance of the Service.