Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 174 - 177

There is perhaps no one who knows 

what exists inside the body.

As we discussed, the self-centered imagination is superimposed on God's body. Seeing that truth is a marvel but there is still a deeper marvel to be known. Within God's body shines God's mind. Using our shallow common worldly thinking we are unaware of it but when that worldly common self-centered thinking is quieted it is God's mind that remains. 

About this talk: look at the workings of Moonsun! There is 

no knowing what I shall do in accordance with your mind.

We are promised that if we return our self-centered imaginations to their origin and then go back into the world with the truth of origin as the foundation of our thinking that we can fully expect to lead a free and unlimited joyous life. We are also promised that if we continue to use the self-centered imagination alone as the foundation of our thinking then we can fully expect to reap whatever causes flow from the limitations of that self-centered thinking. 

Today, being aware of nothing,

all people remain in a common worldly state.

We currently function with the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thinking. That means that we do not know the truth of Origin. Go back and check Book I:  Verse 4 and ponder its meaning in this context. 

But what path will be seen tomorrow?

The core of your mind will become apparent. 

The plan is to teach and train "Timbers" (Yoboku) to become instrumental in making the core of the human mind apparent to all human beings in a times, places and at all levels of spiritual maturity. To see the core it is necessary to go deeper than the self-centered imagination. To go deeper than the self-centered imagination requires the purification, calming or settling of the self-centered imagination.  I think that anyone who ponders this will agree that this is not a common worldly plan. This is a path that intends to make the core of the mind apparent. It is totally about the human mind and its origin. It is promised that anyone who actually makes the effort to sincerely walk this path will find freedom, wonders and blessings at its end.  

The real value of faith that has been maintained for many years or a number of generations lies in being able to take it upon oneself to perceive God's intention and implement it in one's own life without being compelled by illness or problems to do so. We must strive to sweep our heart and purify our minds so that we can accurately perceive what God the Parent and Oyasama desire of us and implement it in a spirit of simple openness. 

The 4th Shinbashira, October 26, 2004