Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 178 - 182

When this mind is fully apparent, 

no one will ever be able to turn away. 

The mind that is spoken of here is the human mind where in the core has been uncovered and the origin revealed. Once the core is seen there is no doubt. Though the self-centered imagination can continue to rise up, everything is changed.  Now we can understand, moon light is just sun light reflected and the truth of origin is known. 

When this is seen, all of you, whoever you may be,

will bow your head and truly ponder.

Seeing the core of the mind, the truth of origin is indeed a profound life changing experience. 

Now ponder!

If only the settling of this mind is definitely accomplished...

Having seen the truth of origin and pondering the freedom that flows from it, even the self-centered imagination longs to settle and looks for ways to accomplish it. 

This talk is solely from the mind of Moonsun.

Do not think I have a human mind. 

Now we know that the self-centered imagination is a marvelous fiction that is superimposed on God's body. This teaching is not given from a self-centered imagination but from the original mind of God residing at the core of all things. 

If all of you in the world pray with this thought sincerely held,

you shall receive any blessing, whatever it may be. 

Sincerely holding God's mind to the exclusion of the self-centered imagination deserves to be called single-hearted sincerity. The immediate return for single-hearted sincerity is God's free and unlimited workings, single-hearted salvation. This single-hearted salvation manifests itself in the world as the Joyous Life. 

In order for the Joyous Life to be realized as intended by God the Parent, it is essential that the mind be completely pure and clear. To put it another way, if the mind is completely purified, it should be possible to find delight even in things that people of the world ordinarily dislike and try to avoid or see as sources of suffering...

The 4th Shinbashira, October 26, 2004