Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 18-21

Listen carefully to whatever Moonsun says:

once you have settled it in the mind.

Settling Moonsun's teaching in the mind means replacing the foundation of the mind. Settling is the process by which the shaky self-centered foundation of the mind is replaced with the sure and steady foundation that is the truth of origin. That truth of origin is the knowledge and understanding of the truth that any and everything is Moonsun. We are advised to listen carefully. That care and attention to detail is the sincerity that will allow us to gradually be able to distinguish between the original and the imaginary in our self. 

Then the sufferings of the body will disappear.

The mind will be but spirited step by step.

The sufferings of the body disappear because ownership of the body disappears. Relieved of that limitation and burden we are then free to enjoy the universe freely and without limitation. If that assertion sounds totally fantastic and outside of our worldly common experience it is because it is just that! The act of distinguishing the self-centered imagination reveals it to be a marvel and wonder. When the origin is distinguished it is known and understood to be the source of all marvels and wonders. There is no worldly common experience to compare it with. Last night I was pretty much out all night. The sky was clear and the moon is full. It was really dramatically beautiful. Now the sun shares the sky. The same moon is still full and it is still in the sky but when compared with the sun that is the source of its light it goes unnoticed. So too when the truth of origin is known and understood. We can find this same truth in ourselves if we but take the time to carefully look. 

Unaware of this, the mind of everyone, whoever one may be, 

bespeaks only the worldly common.

This was true when this was written and may largely still be true today. To lessen the regret that this situation causes let's take a moment now and ponder the truth that the entire universe is Moonsun. Though it may seem like an obviously foolish notion, note how the denial of it is just an idea superimposed over the world by the mental voice that holds the denial to be true. When that voice is quiet the world is obviously one. The various names that we use to distinguish forms and which we take for granted as being truths, are marvels created by our self-centered imaginations.   

Do not think of this place as being worldly common.

There  is only the mind of Moonsun.

The use of "this place" is purposely left open to interpretation. Among those interpretations I will mention three: First, it refers to the fact that the foundation of Miki's mind has been totally replaced by the mind of Moonsun. In this interpretation it is Miki's body that is the thing that is referred to as a place. Second this place refers to the "Residence". Moonsun can be said to be in residence in the thing that is Miki's body. The reference then is to Miki as the Shrine of Moonsun. Third: "This place" refers to the origin. In all three interpretations "this place" is referring to the same truth, the truth of origin. What differs is the method of expression for the purpose of teaching. In all three instances the actual meaning is dependent upon the understanding that shines in the totally settled, "mind like clear water".  We can look back to Book I, verse 4 and get a feeling for the urgency involved in this understanding. The marvel that is the self-centered imagination has no problem with talking about things that it does not understand and often accepts such as worldly common truths. Moonsun's intention however, is to bring real and full understanding of the truth of origin to all human beings. Such is the  reality and scope of the mind of Moonsun. Such an understanding is something to look forward to and be excited about.