Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 22-26

This regret in the mind of Moonsun today:

know that it is not a small matter.

Because of the limitations which come with our ordinary worldly common thinking we are tempted to view the model that is being shown here as being one that is limited to some circumstances in a particular time and place and not much else. Viewed in that way they do not have much to do with us in this time and place. This verse helps us to understand that from the point of view of the reason of heaven, the point of view in which this universe is the body of God, the mind of Moonsun shines at the core of all human minds in all times and all places. Therefore "the regret in the mind of Moonsun" is the accumulated self-centered imaginations of all human beings in all times and places. It is indeed not a small matter. If we could take a moment and reflect on the fact that since this verse was written, the positive accomplishments of the marvel that is the self-centered imagination have been staggering. Lacking the truth of origin however they have also moved us to a capacity for inflicting suffering and destruction of a scale that no worldly common mind could have foreseen at the time that these poems were written. At this pace, well might we wonder about the way of the future.  

Because of the shallowness of human beings,

there is no one who knows what Moonsun does.

This shallowness is our dependence on the  self-centered imagination as the foundation for our mind and  the only guide for our thinking. We don't know what Moonsun does because we are totally absorbed in our self-centered thought. If that thought is settled or quieted then  awakening to the understanding that is single-heartedness with Moonsun can take place. 

Moonsun has already given you notice about 

each and every matter step by step. Do you understand?

Each and every matter here refers to the steps necessary for the step by step purification of the mind. That is the distinguishing and settling of the self-centered imagination and the awakening that is the identification of and return to the origin. We are asked if we understand. Do we? We know that at the time many who heard this teaching were willing to worship Miki as a goddess in Yamato but were not able to bring themselves to trust in the path of single-hearted salvation and sincerely purify their minds. 

Even until now, though I have repeatedly appealed to you 

about the regret of Moonsun,

Recall that prior to being taught there was no expectation that we should know or understand the truth of origin and the obstacle to its understanding that is the self-centered imagination. Once taught however there is the expectation that the sincere mind will understand the necessity of purifying the mind and in so doing remove the obstacle or regret that keeps the truth of origin from shining through into the world as free and unlimited joy. 

There is no one in the world who knows.

Look at the regret in the mind of Moonsun!

This applies to any mind that wishes to hear and return to the origin. We are being both hastened and admonished. It is a rather pitiful circumstance but one that we can correct instantly. Moonsun knows that we have trouble understanding and that we may fall down or wander off while trying to stay on the path. We are asked to look at the regret in the mind of Moonsun. Let us take a moment and look at the on going causality of a world governed solely  by the self-centered imagination. If it looks just right then there is no more to be done at this time. If it looks to be in need of radical repair then this path of single-hearted salvation through the purification of the self-centered imagination is the one real and fair hope for all human beings equally. There is no need to despair at this. A high spirited solution is reaching out to each of us from within. We need only quiet our willfulness and settle back into the safety of the original, natural, parental embrace.