Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 35 -38

Since there is no knowing what will be seen,

I feel deep pity for you.

Like any parent, Moonsun's intention is that the self-centered imagination, we children, lead a joyous life. Of course there is only so much that a parent can do for a child. Seeing a child willfully going off in a direction that will almost certainly lead to regret is indeed a cause for pity. 

The time when things will be seen: this cannot be known.

The mind of Moonsun is filled to the brim.

As I began to grow up and in worldly common terms mature,  I gradually came to see that everything that my parents ever told me was in my best interest and for my own good. From their point of view there was no knowing when or if that would ever happen. Their position could best be summarized by saying "we love you and will stand by you but we don't like what you are doing and think that it will not be good for you".  From my present point of view I can see that their minds were also filled to the brim with concern for the welfare and happiness of each of their children equally. How much more so the concern in the mind of the parent of origin, the mind of Moonsun who loves each  of us equally. 

Great is the worry in the mind of Moonsun.

Yet you close to Me know nothing of it. 

If we stop for a moment and honestly take stock of the human condition I think that we may find that both individually and collectively we have gotten involved in some pretty self destructive stuff. 

When Moonsun speaks of those close to me I think that it can be taken to mean those who were close to Moonsun and heard the teachings through Miki's mouth and also all human beings as none of us are any closer to the parent of origin than any other. 

That we know nothing of the worry in the mind of Moonsun follows of course from not knowing Moonsun's intention as it can be known through single-hearted salvation. 

You close to Me think of your own work alone.

But when things are seen, everything will change. 

Yes, we think selfishly and have selfish desires, do we not? Two categories of things that can be seen and will change everything come to mind . The first is "seeing" the self-centered imagination and its conditioned working. The second is "seeing" the truth of origin and its free and unlimited workings. Both of these can be seen by following the instructions for purification of the mind as they are laid out step by step in this model for single-hearted salvation.