Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 39 - 42

I shall inform you of everything in advance.

Make sure you will not be remorseful later. 

Ideally parents would like their children to benefit from their years of experience so that the children can avoid known pitfalls and build on that experience to make a better life for themselves. There is a saying, "like father, like son", it can be a compliment or a complaint. How much more remorse is there when an action with an evil result was foreseen and a warning given. 

To God, who began this world,

all things whatever are seen.

If it is seen, Moonsun is the actual seer. The self-centered imagination attaches to Moonsun's workings and calls them its own. Even now, at the core of our self-centered imagination Moonsun's mind shines and makes everything possible. 

This time, as all matters are brimming over, 

there is no time at all to waver.

There are two issues here, I think. First: there is the sense of haste and urgency that runs through all of these teachings. After all it is Moonsun's intention that this path show the way to single-hearted salvation quickly. The second is practical. Though Moonsun is immortal the instrument that is being used to teach is not. So it can be said that Moonsun is hastening single-hearted salvation and Moonsun is hastening the training of the numerous instruments that will be needed to realize world salvation.

Until now, no matter what I had said to you, 

I have still been holding back.

 There is an interpretation of these kinds of verses as threats. The expectation is that god will do us some evil if we do not do as we have been instructed. In my own case such an interpretation runs counter to the Model of Parental love that is shown in these poems and to the "Timely Directive" that tells us to understand that model through our own parents. 

What then has Moonsun been holding back, if not from striking out at us for our ignorance? Recall that we have been taught that the reason why we are hastened to return to the truth of origin is because we have been unable to find joy in the world with only the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our experience. And that condition was unintended in the creation of human beings and the marvel that is the self-centered imagination. The implication is that had we been able to find joy in the world as viewed from the foundation of the self-centered imagination that would have been fine with Moonsun. Since however that is not the case, Moonsun is apologizing for having to reveal the truth of origin and the relative insignificance of the self-centered imagination. The truth of origin after all does take much of the youthful exuberance out of the self-centered imagination. When the truth of origin is seen however that youthful exuberance is replaced by the natural high spirits that are the nature of the original mind.