Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 3-6

Until now, to the mountainous regret of God,

much dust is piled up in your heart. 

From God's point of view, the dust piled up in our heart (our accumulated self-centered thoughts) taken collectively amount to "the mountainous regret of God". Recall that despite shallow appearances (the human self-centered imagination) to the contrary, all of this is actually going on in God's body and God's mind. Everything is Moonsun and whatever is done is done by Moonsun. From our point of view, our inability (self-centered thinking) to see that basic fact is the dust piled up in our heart. 

 It is sad. The day has not yet arrived.

I cannot speak about anything, though it is My desire.

Though Moonsun would like to, it is not possible to impart this truth to our self-centered imagination, the marvelous little creator that it is, without first settling it down. To speak to us then of the one truth of origin, Moonsun must first find some way to settle our self-centered imagination which tends to spend its every waking moment creating and pursuing all kinds of other truths. To test whether this is true or not, one need only see how easy it is to stop thinking for say an hour or even for twenty seconds. 

This time, Moonsun truly cannot bear to look on.

I shall manifest all things whatever.

The marvel that is the self-centered imagination is Moonsun's creation and is also, like everything else in the universe, a part of Moonsun's body. When functioning as the foundation of the human experience, the self-centered imagination provides a totally authentic experience of a separate and independent existence. That core idea, the self-centered imagination, apparently and seamlessly superimposed on an object, a thing, a mortal body, provides the totally cool and marvelous experience of an autonomous human being. It should be great fun and a feast of joyous experiences but for many of us the limitations that accompany attachment with a mortal body are too much to bear and the experience has become one that is lacking in the joy that should flow from such a marvelous creation.  

Deeper still than the self-centered imagination resides Moonsun, the true and original one. The foundation of all that is. It is from this point of view that Moonsun speaks of "looking on". The solution to the problem that has arisen in regards to the self-centered imagination is the full awakening of all human beings to the total truth of self. The "fun house" has become frightful and so Moonsun intends to turn the lights on and expose "manifest" the full workings of the effect so that it is no longer scary. 

Today, however thriving selfishness and willful acts may be,

know that Moonsun may withdraw.

In truth, Moonsun can't go anywhere because there isn't anywhere that isn't Moonsun. From our limited point of view we can however lose touch with the truth of origin by indulging exclusively in selfish thought. By its very nature the self-centered imagination is the negation of the truth of origin. It isn't a crime but it does stand in the way of understanding Moonsun's free and unlimited workings and the truth of origin. It can be said then with some accuracy, that when we indulge our self-centered imagination and use it as the foundation of our thinking, Moonsun may withdraw.  

[T]he tenacity of human self-centeredness rendered it terribly difficult for them to trust the words of Oyasama [Moonsun] through and through. This, I feel is regretful indeed. 

The 3rd Shinbashira January 26, 1990