Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 55 - 58

In the path ahead, everything will raise your spirits.

What a marvelous path it will be!

Once again this is not a path of threats and fear. It is a path where every step will raise our spirits. It goes deeper than ideas and ideals to the realization of the fundamental reality behind human existence. It is indeed a marvelous path. 

Though you may see Me rush out by leaps and bounds,

never be anxious of mind.

There is no fear or threat or anxiety in this path. I don't know if I can say that enough. When Moonsun rushes out we may be surprised but never attacked. 

Afterward, Moonsun will take all matters in hand

and will assure you a life full of joy everlasting.

Leaning solely on Moonsun in all matters assures us of the joy that is the very nature of Moonsun's mind. 

Until now, whatever talks I had given you, 

you thought they were about the future far away. 

Once again we see the emphasis of Moonsun's time frame. Look at this closely. The self-centered imagination is very expert at making up reasons for putting single-hearted salvation off into the future. Some of those reasons even disguise themselves as Moonsun's teaching. The truth of the way our minds work is such that single-hearted salvation projected into the future will stay in the future. The best approach is to affirm the truth of origin now, even if we are not yet able to realize it at once. With each affirmation the truth of origin, the reason of heaven, will replace the truths of the self-centered imagination as the state and truth of the world. It is a sure thing because that is how the mind works. There is nothing to fear in doing this and no evil will come of it. This is a path that is laid out with all of the care and effort that is to be expected in a model of parental love. Once seen, I guarantee that you will know and understand the truth of it.