Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 59 - 62

But, lo, how frightful! It appears even as you hear of it.

You cannot be off your guard in anything.

I just finished saying that there is no fear in this path and here we have "frightful" appearing in a poem. In context I think that what this is describing is the startled fright that we exhibit when something pops up in front of us. This brings to mind my own first encounter with the mind like clear water. Though I understood what it was, I was taken by surprise by its appearance and tried to comment on it with my self-centered imagination. Of course that muddied the water and it was gone but even the recollection of the marvel changed everything and will last a lifetime. 

Hereafter, I shall make your minds spirited day by day.

All things will be just as I say.

There is no doubt that any sincere effort will be rewarded just as Moonsun says. Try it out and see. 

However difficult things may appear,

I shall save you all by the Joyous Service.

Much has been promised and now we see that the way to realize those promises is by the sincere performance of the Joyous Service. The performance of the Joyous Service is the conscious effort to voluntarily work at the purification of the mind. 

There is no knowing what workings I shall do from now on.

In accordance with your minds, I shall do anything, however great.

Our limited self-centered imaginations cannot comprehend the world that can and will flow from the world of single-hearted salvation. The truly sincere mind makes the perfection of the Service its first priority. To the totally sincere mind like clear water is given Moonsun's free and unlimited workings. To the mind that is governed solely by an imagination centered on a thing (a body) is given the fruits of the causes associated with that limitation. In both cases that which is given in accordance with the mind is given without fail and without error. One flows purely from the original cause while the other flows from an abstraction ( a limited abbreviation of the original cause).