Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 63-66

Moonsun will clear away all the mind's regret step by step,

whatever it may be. 

We know that the mind's regret is the accumulation of self-centered thoughts. It should be of some interest that Moonsun is not concerned with the specific content (whatever it may be) of those thoughts. This is because Moonsun is working on a fundamental change in the way the mind works and not the particulars of human self-centered thoughts. Grasping that aspect of the path simplifies matters, the mind is either purified, like clear water, or it is not. The simplicity of it makes it easier for us to focus on the goal without getting caught up in worldly common concerns. 

Whatever is said, it is all by Moonsun.

There is no knowing the workings I shall do.

Of course there is the tendency of the self-centered imagination to see this teaching as coming from a human mind. Taking that view Miki could be thought of as being the founder of a worldly common religion or sect. She might also be viewed as being mentally unstable, a social activist or a trouble maker. Such  interpretations had and still continue to have currency. They are worldly common concerns. The mind that would receive Moonsun's free and unlimited workings leans solely on Moonsun. There are no worldly common ideas offered here. Moonsun will do what ever it takes to teach every mind the path of single-hearted salvation. Everything is all by Moonsun and the truth of everything that is taught can be tested and proven by the totally sincere mind.

Whatever appears, it is all by Moonsun.

Do not think I have a human mind. 

We might think that Moonsun had an easy time convincing the human minds gathered together to perform and perfect the Service that purifies the mind quickly. That was however not the case. Sincere effort is needed to break free of the bondage that is the limited view of the self-centered imagination. It was natural that people thought that Miki had a human mind the same as they. 

From today, I shall hasten all matters.

No one knows the workings I shall do. 

That time frame again. I must ask myself what my priority is. The mind that is limited and bound cannot know or recognize Moonsun's free and unlimited workings even when it sees them. One way to approach that knowledge is through finding the meaning of Moonsun's parental love as it applies to single-hearted salvation for all mankind equally.