Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 67 - 70

These thoughts of Moonsun are spoken through Her:

the mouth is human, the mind is that of Moonsun.

This verse is addressing two different types of doubt. Both are understandable from our worldly common point of view but both can be overcome by paying careful attention to the instructions that are given for testing and realizing the truth that is offered. The first kind of doubt is the familiar flat rejection of the possibility that a human mind can be replaced at all. The second is the doubt that comes from believing that the mind can be replaced but never the less misunderstanding the intention of Moonsun. 

Listen! I, Moonsun, am borrowing Her mouth wholly,

and I, Moonsun, am lending My mind wholly.

We are to understand that Miki's worldly common self-centered mind was totally replaced by Moonsun's mind. We too are instructed in how to replace our mind, such is the Model that is shown. 

If you are harboring doubts over this,

Moonsun will give a full return in whatever matters.

The return for doubt in whatever matters is the inability to know and understand the truth of origin. The return then is the inability to enjoy Moonsun's free and unlimited workings..  That inability manifests as the worldly common experience of  limitation that comes from a self-image that is solely identified with the paths of mortal things (bodies). The state of our mind becomes the state of our world. The return for a mind of doubt is a mind of doubt. It could be said that if the truth of everything is Moonsun then our worldly common understanding is based on knowledge of the moon only and not on the total understanding that comes from knowing the true origin of its light. 

Whatever is said, it is all by Moonsun.

Never is there mixed the least bit of a human mind.

From our worldly common shallow view of things it would be understandable if we were to think that the teaching at hand was made up of ideas and theories that flowed creatively from Miki's imagination. Moonsun wants us to understand that that is not the case and that this teaching comes directly from the origin. It comes from a "place" which is deeper than and the origin of all human thought. Though ideas are used to communicate with our self-centered imaginations and as a basis for various teachings, they all have the same intention, they all point back to the truth of origin. That truth is not an idea or a collection of ideas. It is a truth that cannot be imagined. In fact it is the truth that remains when the imagination is quiet and settled, leaving only the mind like clear water. 

We can test the truth of this for our-self. Take a moment and identify the self-centered imagination. Watch it carefully and see where it rises up and where it returns to. It may take a bit of practice to get it under control and you may want to give it something to hold on to. I find the Kanrodai to be useful in this, I suppose that  the effort could be called work or sincerity or perhaps service to the truth. Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Moon and Sun here. One is the original light and the other is its reflection. Then in the same vein, perhaps one might prefer finding the truth through the relationship of parent and child. The self-centered imagination is the child  and virtually everything else, including the body that the child willfully and vainly claims as its own, is the parent. Certainly there are many many more ways to test this truth and return. I would guess that there are as many ways as there are self-centered imaginations to be returned.