Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 71-74

However difficult you think matters to be, you need not worry.

Moonsun takes charge.

There is a view that this teaching is difficult to follow and that it requires some kind of specialized learning. This verse makes it clear that nothing special is needed we need only lean on Moonsun in all matters. For the truly sincere mind this is a very direct and simple path to single-hearted salvation. For those of us who find this kind of simplicity difficult a sincere and honest effort to do this will result in the identification of the obstacle to single-hearted salvation. Our sincerity can then be directed at dealing with that obstacle.  

All of you in the world, look forward to the path ahead.

If only the regret of God is all cleared away...

The regret of God is the accumulated "dust" of all of the self-centered imaginations in the world. Up until this point human history has been the rather unfortunate story of constant struggle between self-centered imaginations and groups of self-centered imaginations. Now there is the real possibility of  a world of brotherhood, freedom and joy. As the self-centered imagination is swept clean and the regret of God cleared away, that world comes into sight. Can we see it?

When I set out to cleanse your heart day by day, 

there will be none able to resist Me.

In worldly common terms I suppose this could be viewed as a threat or a boast. I tend to view it however as a fact. Look at the moon and sun in the sky. If one is the self-centered imagination and the other its origin, which is more important?

What do you think this cleansing is about?

Moonsun will enter the bodies of all.

 Good question. In my own case I have identified my self-centered imagination as the obstacle to enjoying Moonsun's free and unlimited workings and the joyous life. It seems to me that Moonsun understands and accurately describes the problem and its solution. When my mind is settled, like clear water, its state is one of freedom and joy. When muddied however, especially when the mud and dust generated is driven by strong emotions, it is possible to become what could be described as "spiritually blind" (lost in the darkness of the self-centered imagination) and a confrontation and determination within the self-centered imagination may be required to return to the work (service) of sweeping and cleansing the mind and in so doing returning it to its original pristine condition. 

A very important element of this model is clearly shown as Moonsun speaks of entering into the bodies of all. At first glance this seems to be a contradiction of the teaching that any and everything of this universe is Moonsun and any and everything is what Moonsun does. Certainly if that is so then there is no coming or going, entering or leaving for Moonsun. Indeed Moonsun doesn't even need a name because there is no one else for Moonsun to talk to. When we look carefully at the model then we see the one, Moonsun, speaking to that aspect of itself that we know as our worldly common truth of self. It is the marvel that is the self-centered imagination that is capable of imagining itself to be separate from Moonsun and with that thought as the foundation of all other thoughts we can then create wondrous relationships between what we perceive to be all sorts of other separate objects. Indeed our very ideas of time and space are this kind of creation. It is what is meant by the saying that man is the measure of all things. Moonsun then is speaking to us and teaching us from within our self-centered imaginations. Moonsun speaks to us in the language of the self-centered imagination so that we can understand and follow the directions for purifying our mind and returning it to the deeper core truth, the truth of origin. 

Moonsun then has entered into the bodies of all human beings. Stop now and be aware of Moonsun's presence. Ignore the noise of the self-centered imagination just for a moment and feel the freedom and power of the origin. It really is a remarkable path.