Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 75 - 78

Having just, in the preceding verse declared that Moonsun "will enter into the bodies of all" we are asked what or where we think that this talk is about. 

Where do you think this talk is about?

I shall fully manifest My workings in the high places.

The question, as always addresses a worldly common misunderstanding of Moonsun's intention. Moonsun having entered into the bodies of all will now manifest, that is show, the truth of all minds. From Moonsun's point of view at the root and core of our being, the self-centered imagination is a "high place". We children (self-centered imaginations) are living according to the worldly common truths that we discover up in the shallows.  Moonsun is now reaching up to us from the depths to reveal the truth of any and everything, the whole truth of our self, to us.  

Ponder over everything Moonsun says.

There is not an error in anything I say. 

As we ponder Moonsun's teaching we may wonder why those who were hearing this teaching from Miki's mouth were unable to understand what was being taught and since, according to Moonsun, it was not understood by anyone who heard it, what Moonsun's intention actually is.

 Looking at the model we can clearly see that Moonsun is expressing the parental desire to save all of the children (human self-centered imaginations) equally. To achieve this equality of effort and care Moonsun intends to enlist the aid of intermediaries, instruments, timbers for the construction of a new world to teach the way to return to the truth of origin in ways that are appropriate for the time, the place and the level of spiritual maturity of all of the children. That is to say, bringing single-hearted salvation to all of the self-centered imaginations (Moonsun's children) in the world.

 To show us, those who would be intermediaries, a model of how to do this, Moonsun, borrowing Miki's mouth, teaches those around Miki in ways appropriate for their time, place and level of spiritual maturity. This is a necessary but risky part of the Model. 

Since Moonsun is speaking to us in ways that are comfortable and familiar to us, to arrive at single-hearted salvation as promised, we must take care to follow Moonsun's instructions exactly as given. Unfortunately for us there is a risk that we will not pay close attention and follow the instructions exactly as given but instead will become complacently attached to the familiar and comfortable package that the instructions are delivered in. 

As I desire to purify the mind of everyone throughout the world,

there is no knowing what Moonsun will do.

There is no doubt then that the purification of the mind is of prime importance to the path of single-hearted salvation. We have been talking about Moonsun teaching in ways appropriate for the time place and level of spiritual maturity and the difficulty that rises out of misunderstanding Moonsun's intention. Certainly the benchmarks of "the mind like clear water' and the Model of Parental Love shown for all of Moonsun's children equally will provide the kind of sure guide that the self-centered imagination cannot.  

There is also a warning implied here. Recall that whatever causes our self-centered imaginations set into motion Moonsun will support ( just as the sun shines on everything without distinction) without error. The causes piled up from the origin are perfectly supported by Moonsun's free and unlimited workings. Those causes can bring us good or evil. Moonsun supports whatever causes as they rise out of the origin. The whole reason for this teaching is that we are more and more unable to find joy in using just self-centered causality as the foundation for our thoughts and actions.  Since that is proving to be the case we are so to speak, turning up the heat on ourselves by clinging to the self-centered imagination as the foundation for our thoughts and actions. 

Whatever I do, it is solely 

from Moonsun's single desire to save you. 

It is understandable that we might attribute our self-centered motives to Moonsun as that is the way that we see the world. Here we are clearly informed of Moonsun's single desire and motivation. To appreciate Moonsun's single-desire and shift away from our ordinary worldly common way of viewing things we can appeal to the Model of Parental Love to understand Moonsun's intention. Surely, short of the goal of single-heartedness with Moonsun there is no more intimate, loving and caring relationship than that of parent and child. Though we may currently be scamps we are still welcome home at any time and can expect a warm embrace upon our return.