Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 83 - 87

Do not wonder who is giving this talk.

It is solely the mind of Moonsun speaking.

The one original being residing as the heart of all is speaking  through a human mouth because Miki's mind had the causality of origin which made that possible. That is to say that Miki's human worldly common self-centered mind was totally replaced by Moonsun's mind, the truth of origin. 

It is because I desire to make the truth of this world known

by all means to the entire world.

When the human self-centered imagination is calmed and settled, leaving only the mind like clear water, the truth of origin is known and understood. It is this truth that Moonsun desires to make known to the entire world. We speak of Moonsun's intention to make this truth known "by all means" as the tireless effort and care of the parent of origin to teach all of us in the world in ways that are appropriate for our time, place and level of spiritual maturity. 

Though until today I have let the days go by

and held back in whatever matters,

The experience of evil that can and in many cases is flowing from our use of the self-centered imagination is unintended. In all of the creation the self-centered imagination is  itself  the marvel of marvels. There are lots of other animals in the world but, so far at least, only humans have the capacity to create and make an impact on the world on the scale of the self-centered imagination. If things had not taken an unintended turn Moonsun would have been content to allow us to depend solely on the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thinking and our experience of the world. 

This time, as the day is pressing,

I cannot hold back even for a moment.

Like any loving parent, the parent of origin would like to see us,  the children ( the self-centered imagination), succeed and find satisfaction and joy in our life. Not wanting to dominate us children and wishing us to have the freedom to live our own lives freely without interference, the parent of origin has watched our progress and is totally aware and understanding of the jam that we, through no fault of our own, have gotten ourselves into. Having seen enough, the parent of origin is stepping in to make repairs and correct the unintended lack of joy in our use of the self-centered imagination. 

Whatever you hear and whenever you hear of it,

it is the regret and anger of Moonsun.

We know that the regret in Moonsun's mind is the collective dust of the self-centered imaginations of all human beings. The anger of Moonsun is that dust manifest as large scale fear, anxiety and suffering. Other than as expressions of the human self-centered imagination Moonsun is incapable of either regret or anger. Ponder the way in which the sun in the sky illuminates everything and makes all life possible without discrimination. Moonsun is hastening the children to be aware of the damage that we are doing to ourselves, each other and the world and to make the effort to purify the mind so that the total truth of ourselves can be projected into the world and the marvelous self-centered imagination put to use as a creator of wonders in the original mind of high spirited joy.