Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 88 - 90

To Moonsun, everyone is My child, whoever you may be.

Though I have been watching over you with nothing but love,

Once again if we wish to understand the meaning of this Parental love we are advised to begin our pondering from the point of view that this universe is the body of God. With that in mind then, it becomes obvious that it is the idea of separateness, all of the marvelous imagined selves in the world, that are the children of Moonsun. Where in truth there is only one, many truths appear. This is the miracle, the wonder and the marvelous work of Moonsun. 

The love of Moonsun for us children is such that Moonsun supports and makes possible every detail of our lives. Whether we do good or evil makes no difference, Moonsun sees and supports each and every detail without error. That is each detail is supported without discrimination between one child and another. Each detail of this universe is lovingly supported according to the paths of the instruments of causality which flow uninterrupted from Moonsun the truth of origin to the present moment.   

And though each of you throughout the world

has been pondering until now,

We children have indeed been pondering and as a result our minds are full of truths. Some of those truths are very broad and attempt to explain all of causality. Some provide the foundations for whole cultures and civilizations. Others are very narrow and personal, relating only to our conversation within our own mind and our determination of what we like and don't like. Some of our pondering is shared with others, much is not. When we honestly and carefully ponder over what seems like the long journey of human beings we find that all of  the truths that we have so far created (yes, though thankfully limited, like our parent of origin we can create) have a temporary quality to them. 

To My sorrow, no matter how deeply you have pondered,

you have no mind to save others.

We have to tread carefully here as it is quite possible to miss the implications that flow from this verse. In worldly common terms it can be said with some truth that the world is full of minds that are very eager to save others. As I write this some of them are actively killing each other and anyone else who happens to be in the way with just that justification in mind.  

It is a fact that our pondering is deeply influenced by the self-centered foundation of our thinking. As a result, if we are genuinely interested in having a mind to save others we will have to find a way to replace that self-centered foundation of our thoughts and actions with a foundation that is not selfishly biased. 

The effort involved in pondering how to save others is itself a method of realizing the purification of the mind and its return to the truth of origin. The means of return being the totally purified mind like clear water and the method being the sincere pursuit of truly unselfish thought and action. 

I believe that the 2nd Shinbashira was consciously attempting to hasten the perfection of this method by encouraging the missionary activities of the "Path Finders". It is significant that the expectation is that missionaries, path finders, will be making a sincere effort to find a path as opposed to already knowing what the path is. Which is not to say that they were asked to do something without any resources at their disposal. The model provided is complete and comprehensive. What is needed is the proper understanding of it. That is to say that our pondering must be the pondering of a mind to unselfishly save others. 

Sah, sah, because Moonsun [Moonsun] exists, the world exists. Because  the world exists, things exist. Because things exist, your bodies exist. Because your bodies exist, law exists. Although the law exists, to resolve your hearts is primary. 

Oshashizu January 13, 1887

You should begin by carefully considering the standpoint of those you are teaching, the people who listen to you. Then you are to convey your convictions to them in a way that they can understand easily. You should then make every effort to help them learn to find joy the way you do. This will be your work from now on. 

MHFTY pg. 10 - The 2nd Shinbashira, March 30 , 1945 3rd Training Course for Graduating Students of Junior Seminary