Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 91 - 94

To briefly recap the discussion up until this point: Miki Nakayama's mind, because of its causality of origin, has been replaced by Moonsun's mind. Speaking through Miki, "borrowing Miki's mouth", Moonsun has begun to gather "timbers", instruments, intermediaries to be used in the new creation of a joyous life for all human beings. To realize this intention Moonsun has instructed those potential timbers to purify their minds, sweep the "dust" from their hearts and return them to their original condition. The intention then is that those who have thus returned to the origin will then be able to spread that same truth of origin to all human beings equally. Unfortunately, because of our human tendency to view all matters in a worldly common self-centered way, none of  those potential intermediaries who were gathered together were able to understand Moonsun's intention. Because of the self-centered foundation of our worldly common thinking we, no matter how much we have tried, have no mind to save others. 

Let us continue with these poems and make good use of the intense parental care and intention shown by making an honest effort to realize and understand their full intention and meaning, either as an expression of gratitude or, perhaps more likely for the headstrong child, as a test of their truth. 

From now, Tsukihi requests you, everyone in the world,

to replace your mind firmly.

This is a rather astonishing request and our response to it can help us to see and understand  how easy it was, for those who were gathered together to hear Moonsun, to have totally misunderstood Moonsun's intention. 

We are familiar with and have a worldly common understanding of "changing our mind".  We have all at one time or another changed the way we think about something. When we change our mind we replace one idea or set of ideas with another idea or set of ideas. We think of changing ideas, we do not, I think, generally think of replacing our entire mind. That is to say replacing the very foundation of all of our thoughts and actions. Nor, I think, do we clearly know what that means. 

Our first response might be one of doubt. Doubt that is, that it is even possible to replace the mind. That was my first reaction at any rate. Recall then that in these poems Miki is presenting Herself as the living proof that it is indeed possible to replace the mind. Miki's mind was replaced in this way and She is holding herself out as a model for us to follow so that we too can do the same.  

To explain what kind of mind it is to be:

it is none other than to save the world single-heartedly.

We are requested then to replace our worldly common self-centered minds with a mind "to save the world single-heartedly. "  That mind would be, as we have been told, the same as the intention of Moonsun's mind. From this we can clearly see the misunderstanding that Moonsun is referring to and the potential for misunderstanding that still exists today. Clearly we are requested to follow the Model shown through Miki Nakayama and replace our self-centered mind with the original mind of Moonsun. Many of those who heard this teaching at the time were willing to worship Miki as a Goddess and make self-centered requests of Her but for a variety of understandable reasons were not able to understand and carry through the instructions for replacing the mind and becoming single-hearted with the truth of origin, Moonsun. 

Hereafter, if all of you throughout the world

save one another in every matter,

Our circumstances are much less severe today and we are free to follow Moonsun's instructions just as they were given. We are advised to save one another in every matter. In the context of this poem I assume that that instruction means helping each other to replace our minds so that we can view every matter single-heartedly. It would seem to follow then that the "timbers" Moonsun is assembling will work and help each other to perfect the methods for replacing the mind in every matter.  In my own case, though I often know better, I quite often don't remember to do better. Such is the case when my self-centered imagination tumbles off and forgets about single-hearted salvation. In that case any help that I can get to bring me back onto the path is greatly appreciated as I have come far enough along the path to know that staying on the path leads to joy while the distractions that lure me away from the path, though attractive to my worldly common causality and easy to get taken up with, do not. 

Know that Tsukihi will accept that mind 

and will provide any salvation whatever.

So it is the mind that is determined toward saving one another in every matter that Moonsun accepts. Some pondering on the meaning of "every matter" is appropriate if we are to actually work out ways of helping each other to refine and purify or minds. 

The teaching that models the perfection of the cultivation of a mind to save others is then a complete path to single-hearted salvation. Its perfection is the completion of one of the services.  The goal is single-hearted salvation. The means to realizing the goal is the perfection of the mind to save others (making our mind just like Moonsun's mind) and the method is the sincere exploration and understanding of the reasoning that flows through the Model of Parental love for all of Moonsun's children equally. 

The essential point is that you must deeply consider how you will go about actually refining one another's minds. You are also to contemplate how, and through what form, you will reflect the fruits of this mutual refinement. 

The 3rd Shinbashira, April 19,1990