Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 23 - 26

If only your minds are truly accepted by God,

I shall sweep away any dust whatever. 

We tend to want to address our self-centered problems and issues in a self-centered way. That is we want to directly address whatever issue that is causing us to be dissatisfied. Moonsun's single-hearted salvation on the other hand, approaches our problems by going after their root cause. Metaphorically, we wish to find satisfaction in tending to the individual leaves of the plant, whereas Moonsun's cure is to uproot the entire growth. Our sincerity in accepting the cure then is all that is needed. Accepting that sincerity Moonsun will sweep away all of our problems at once. 

If only the innermost hearts of all humankind 

are swept clean,

Moonsun is very honest and forthright about what single-hearted salvation is and how it is to be realized. The way in which we are using the marvel that is the self-centered imagination is stealing the joy from our lives. When that self-centered imagination is swept clean, the truth of origin alone remains shining and illuminating and flowing into the world as the Joyous Life. 

Then, the whole world will be spirited 

and joyousness will come of its own accord.

There is no need for us to wonder or to try and act joyously. God doesn't teach us to act joyously. If the heart is swept clean God's free and unlimited workings will be naturally manifest in the world as the point of view of joy in all things. 

Listen! From the high mountains and the low valleys,

I see no one but Tsukihi's children. 

Our self-centered imaginations like to create imaginary distinctions. This present Book makes it clear that from Moonsun's point of view as far as human beings are concerned there is no distinction between high and low or those within the path and those outside. All are children of  Moonsun,  all are equally loved and cared for by Moonsun and all have an equal affinity to Moonsun's single-hearted salvation.