Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 100 -103

The mind of Moonsun hastens day after day.

Yet there is no understanding in the minds of you close to Me.

I think that it is not enough just to be aware that those closest to Miki were unable to understand what Moonsun was trying to teach. To get the full benefit of this parental guidance I think that we should try to understand why those who were close to the teaching were unable to understand it and to look carefully and honestly at our own minds to make sure that we are not following that same path of misunderstanding. the way to do that is to identify and focus on the real unchanging core of the teaching, distinguishing between what is original and what is the creation of the worldly common self-centered imagination. This is not such a difficult thing to do. Start small and practice distinguishing. Pick some common thing in the room and be aware of it. Now superimpose your imagination on it. Give it a name and a special significance. If someone else comes into the room will they also see what you have superimposed on the object? If you insist on new truth that you have created, chances are there will be conflict in your future. For those who practice sweeping through Hand Dance, be aware of the separation of the original and the imaginary while you are doing so. Freedom is the ability to not be causally held by the truths so created in the human imagination. 

What do you think My hastening is about?

If you grow crops, you may be in need of water. 

Water is essential for the growth of crops. Here we are being taught that those close to the teaching were pursuing a worldly common self-centered  interpretation of Moonsun's teaching while missing the point of the teaching and neglecting the essential core of the teaching, the single-heartedness with God that is known and understood through the mind like clear water. 

In the minds of all of you,

with what thoughts are your pondering over this talk?

It is appropriate now as it was then to stop and examine our pondering to be sure that we are focused on the original root and core and not on the imagined worldly common. 

Moonsun desires first to help you in your needs.

This is why I speak of all thinks whatever. 

No matter what our need or problem is, Moonsun is willing to engage our self-centered imaginations and show us the way to the true satisfaction that flows freely and without limitation from single-heartedness with God. Whatever our issue, Moonsun will teach us in ways appropriate for our time, place and level of spiritual maturity. We need only turn our sincere attention to Moonsun and sincerely follow the model just as it is shown. We are devoted to what we pay attention to.