Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 108 - 111

Hereafter, on whatever path you may find yourself,

never bear a grudge against others. Reproach yourself.

There is only one thing in this world that each of us should absolutely in control of and that is our own mind. In my own case I find that I have trouble with this and often revert to finding comfort in blaming others when the joy is drained from my life. Nonetheless the state of our mind is our own responsibility. If we have trouble exercising dominion over it then we can use that difficulty as a lesson in the meaning of free and unlimited as opposed to bound by causality. 

This talk is not for a particular place.

It is for the high mountains as well as for the low valleys.

Having admonished the "high mountains", Moonsun wants to make it clear that from the point of view of the parent of origin there is no blame leveled or distinction made between the children. We each have our own matters to work out with our parent of origin so that we can return to our origin and enjoy the free and unlimited workings that flow from single-hearted salvation. 

Everything I say is from My desire to save your.

That is the reason for My various and repeated persuasions.

Moonsun, God our original parent has only good things in mind for us. Though we are slow in responding and to the parental heart  and require "repeated persuasions" all of God's efforts are on our behalf. We need only turn our sincere attention to God the parent to receive God's blessings, regardless of time, place or circumstance. 

Hereafter, know that in whatever I say

and in whatever matters, I say nothing evil.

There is always the opportunity for us to express our misunderstanding by attributing worldly common motives and actions to Moonsun. The theme of High Mountains and Low Valleys can and perhaps did go off in a wrong direction requiring Moonsun to make an adjustment and clarify the intention in that theme. The Parent of origin is the perfect parent and never does anything to harm the children. The hard lessons that we learn in life are the result of the way each of us uses our own mind. They are not punishments from Moonsun. The Parent of origin is forever and constantly ready to welcome us back to the warm protection of the parental heart. The choice to return to our origin or to stay on the path of unintended consequences and dissatisfaction is ours to make.