Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 112 - 115

The reason I admonished you step by step

is only that I hasten for your true salvation.

Moonsun, the parent of origin does not want or need anything from us. We are not admonished because we are failing to give God what is God's due.  Moonsun's admonitions are in response to our complaints to God and are solely intended to guide us to the true satisfaction that we say we long for. Moonsun is only trying to help us. It is that simple. 

Once your mind has become truly purified,

I shall quickly teach you the means to salvation.

The obstacle to our receiving the true satisfaction that Moonsun wants to freely give us is the working of our self-centered imagination. When even for a moment, we consciously identify, settle and clear our self-centered imagination then we will be able to clearly see the means to single-hearted salvation.

To explain what this salvation is about:

it is the Service for the protection against smallpox.

Frankly, our self-centered imaginations are not crazy about allowing themselves to be settled, even for a waking moment. This verse gives an example for a particular time and place of why it might be a good idea to to purify the mind. 

Another salvation: I desire quickly t give your the Proof Amulet

that protects you from illness, death, and weakening.

Of course we could take the promise of protection against smallpox and misunderstand Moonsun's intention as being a kind of medicine or healing ritual. Imagining Moonsun's salvation  as being limited to curing smallpox. This verse moves the discussion from the worldly common ideas of the self-centered imagination to the free and unlimited workings that can only be known and understood through single-heartedness with Moonsun. It is a promise, the realization of which is only compatible with returning what the self-centered imagination has borrowed by understanding that all human bodies are a part of Moonsun's immortal and eternal body. We self-centered imaginations are Moonsun's children. Over this we can learn to exert control. Everything else in the universe is Moonsun's body.  Pondering this we can live freely from the point of view of understanding the truth of origin or with limitations, claiming what is not ours and which we are powerless to completely control.