Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII 13 - 16

Hereafter, you shall not be able to turn away

from whatever words Moonsun once says.

This is encouragement more than an actual restriction on the free use of our minds, as the next verse shows that indeed we can turn away from Moonsun's teaching. 

 If you erase the words of Moonsun, 

I shall withdraw at once. Beware!

To turn away from Moonsun's teaching is however done at our peril. A life without the truth of origin, a life guided solely by the light of the self centered imagination can be an anxious and dangerous journey. 

Until now, in the minds of those within and those in the world,

there has been no true understanding.

We have spoken of this before and borrow the 3rd Shinbashira's description of our human condition as being one of a misunderstanding by those within the path and a lack of understanding by those outside of the path. 

For those who walk the path of single-hearted salvation it is essential to ponder this condition so that we can make sure that we have cleared away that misunderstanding and are not continuing to add regret to God the parent's mind. Our, if we find that we are, we can take steps to sweep it out. 

For Moonsun, this is the greatest regret.

If I could somehow make your minds clear...

Our lack of true understanding of God's intention, means and method for single-hearted salvation is God the Parent's greatest regret. 

This verse was  perhaps written in 1877, that would make it about thirty-eight years into the construction of the Model Path and God the parent is still trying to find a way to make human minds clear so that they can understand the truth of origin. There is great significance in this for "Yoboku", "Timbers" who would follow Oyasama's model and serve as Moonsun's instruments of single-hearted salvation.  They are, I presume, dedicated to finding ways to make all the minds of the world clear. That is to say, finding ways, as shown in the model, that are appropriate for the time, place and level of spiritual maturity of the children. 

In my own case, I find it quickest and easiest to identify my self-centered imagination, my minds voice, and hold it until it sinks back into its origin. My first attempts at this kind of deep self-reflection were amusing to say the least. My self-centered imagination can speak in many voices. Some very serious whispers and others not. When they are all absolutely quiet then the truth alone remains. Sincere effort was however immediately rewarded and gradually as the depth increased Moonsun rose up to meet the effort. Eventually flowing forth as the warm parental embrace that shows the truth of all things as they really are, instead of as we imagine them to be.  Though I didn't know it when I began, the realization that none of those voices can capture the truth of origin is a blessing and gift of heaven. 

Remembering to clear the mind is however a problem. Causality dictates habits of mind that run counter to God's intention. For that reason a regular routine of daily sweeping is very useful. So too illness and trouble can send us rushing to return to the safety of the parent of origin but all too often it is too late and the mind cannot be cleared. Or if it is, the blessing that is received is soon forgotten as the causality of the self-centered imagination once again takes charge of our mind.