Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 17 - 22

How can I bring understanding to your minds?

In any case I must admonish you.

Obviously, just hearing Moonsun's teaching does not necessarily bring understanding. By this time Moonsun, using Miki Nakayama's mouth, has been ceaselessly trying to bring understanding to the minds of those who wanted to be saved. We have seen that both those within the path and those outside of the path have been unable to come to a true understanding of Moonsun's intention and means for single-hearted salvation. Indeed it is quite probable that there was no real understanding of what single-hearted salvation actually is.  

This admonition is not just for a few.

As it concerns the hearts of so many, it is indeed difficult. 

The scope of the misunderstanding and lack of understanding is huge. The misunderstanding is universal. It is literally all human minds that do not understand. The task is further complicated by the need to address each self-centered imagination in a way that is appropriate for its time, place and level of maturity. 

However difficult it may be, 

I shall admonish My children, one and all. 

Though it is the nature of our self-centered imaginations to misunderstand or be ignorant of the truth of origin, we do not totally misunderstand each others self-centered imaginations. Even lacking the truth of origin we have affinities and form relationships with each other. The plan then is to gather a great number of "Timbers", "Intermediaries", "Instruments" and to teach them the truth of origin. They then can be trained and hone the skills necessary for imparting that truth in ways appropriate for time, place and level of maturity to those close to them. Thus imparted person to person, all human beings can eventually awaken to the truth of origin and the Joyous Life. 

What is the best way to accomplish it? 

By all means I shall manifest the regret of God. 

There is no doubt that Moonsun knows the truth of origin because Moonsun is the truth of origin. Equally there is no doubt that Miki Nakayama knows the truth of origin because Miki's mind has been replaced by Moonsun's mind. There is no question that Moonsun's intention is that all human beings be able to lead a Joyous Life. It is also clear that the way to realize and lead a Joyous Life is dependent upon returning our minds to their original pure and pristine condition. 

What is problematic is the way to get the self-centered imagination to voluntarily settle, become quiet and return to its origin. In this verse Moonsun is openly pondering the problem and suggests that the manifestation of the "regret of God", that is the manifestation of the causality flowing from our self-centered thinking, the dust in our human minds, is the best way to accomplish it.  Put another way,  we are most open to change when we are dissatisfied with the way that things are going. 

Day by day and step by step,

the dust piles up and fills the heart of God. 

Once again, the regret of God is totality of the dust accumulating in all human minds. That dust keeps us from knowing the truth of origin, the truth of all things in detail. 

This dust is difficult to sweep away.

But if you only begin the Service...

The Service, then is the sincere work or effort involved in sweeping the dust from our minds. Though it is not an easy thing to do, if we don't make the effort and begin to do it, it will not get done.