Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


To get a sense of the complexity of the problem that Moonsun is dealing with here let's have a look at where we are with these poems so far: Moonsun has taken Miki Nakayama, because of Her causality of origin, as a Shrine and now teaches a path of single-hearted salvation through Her mouth. Unfortunately no one understands what Moonsun is trying to teach. That situation can be broken into three categories. Those who are close to Miki and who misunderstand Moonsun's teachings despite their sincere efforts to do so, those outside of the path who because of a lack of understanding are attempting to suppress the opening of the path and finally those all over the world who have yet to hear the teaching. 

Because Moonsun is the parent of origin all human beings are treated as equal children of the one true parent. The model that is shown then is one that shows a tireless effort on behalf of all the children equally and simultaneously. 

The inability of all three categories to understand is caused by the current reliance on the self-centered imagination as the foundation of all thoughts. It could be said that we are practicing self-centered devotion as opposed to the single-hearted devotion taught by Moonsun.

To counter the misunderstanding in the first instance. That is to teach and train those close by who sincerely want to understand but for the time being cannot, a path of single-hearted salvation that is appropriate for their time, place and level of spiritual maturity is modeled and thus a narrow path was opened.  

Moonsun makes it clear however that the intention is to provide single-hearted salvation to all human beings equally. Everybody has an equal affinity to the origin, everybody is equally loved by the Parent of Origin, nobody gets turned away. To open such a broad path, Moonsun intends to teach and train "Intermediaries", "Timbers" to open new paths of single-hearted salvation all over the world. Moonsun is very frank in explaining to those close at hand that unless they understand and move from a "narrow path" to a "broad path" they will not be able to know what those paths of single-hearted salvation will look like. That is to say that they will not be able to recognize Moonsun's free and unlimited workings of single-hearted salvation for all of the children equally. In these poems and at the Residence of Origin all of this is going on at the same time. Though it is a very complex construction it is possible because it rests on a very simple and totally secure foundation. The truth of origin as known through the totally purified mind like clear water.   

XIII: 31 - 34

Desiring to teach this origin to the world by all means,

Moonsun has become revealed.

The key to this theme is the phrase "to the world by all means".  As I understand it the plan is to teach those who wish to learn how to return their minds to their original condition and then to train those, "Timbers" to carry the message of single-hearted salvation to the entire world in ways that are appropriate for time, place and level of spiritual maturity. Everybody has a self-centered imagination. Timbers know how to point them out and make the distinction between it and its origin clear in the mind.  

About the regret of Moonsun at this time:

know that it is not a small matter.

We are truly children of the Parent of origin. Our self-centered imaginations can create. Since these poems were written we have created much that is good and truly wonderful. We have also created the means to destroy it all, pretty much all at once. Perhaps we should try and find the time in our busy creating schedules to ponder the condition of our world. 

Moonsun desires to teach this truth throughout the world

by all means.

Again, "by all means". The Timbers on the broad path are expert in finding ways of returning the self-centered imagination to its origin. That is in finding ways appropriate for time, place and maturity to calm the self-centered imagination and return it to its original pristine condition.  

Unaware of it, you erase all the words of Moonsun,

and all that remains is rampant human thinking. 

Unfortunately nobody, neither those within or those without, understood what Moonsun's intention is and human thinking, that is self-centered thinking, remains the foundation of human thought. We can look around and see for ourselves how well it is doing.