Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 35 - 40

Hereafter, I shall clear away all the regret and anger of Tsukihi.

Are you aware of it?

The regret and anger of Moonsun is the dust in the minds of Moonsun's children. That dust accumulates on Moonsun's mind the way that  dust might accumulate on a mirror or a light bulb. It distorts the image, dims the light. 

We are asked if we are aware of Moonsun's intention to clear that dust away? That is to ask, are we aware of Moonsun's intention to clear away the self-centered imagination so that  Moonsun's mind and the natural joy that flows from it can shine forth clearly without obstruction. 

After the regret and anger of Tsukihi are cleared away,

I shall open a marvelous path. 

Once the self-centered imagination is settled or "cleared away" the truth of origin is revealed. Once known and understood, Moonsun's children will be able to distinguish between what is original and natural and what is just the product of the imagination. Those children who follow Moonsun's instructions and clear away the self-centered imagination will then be able to function as Timbers or instruments for opening new paths of single-hearted salvation all over the world. Such a path will indeed be a marvelous path never before seen in this world. 

What do you think this path is to be?

It is solely mutual help among all people in all matters. 

Think this question over carefully. We know from our study of causality that to get to a goal, any goal, the steps necessary to reach the goal must be identified and followed. Though there may be many ways of achieving a goal (it is possible to get all the steps to a goal in the right order without first identifying them, we call this "luck" or "fate") still a proper set of steps must still be followed if the goal is to be realized. 

A path of mutual help among all people in all matters is an impossible goal for minds that have the self-centered imagination alone as the foundation for all thinking. It is relatively easy for us to see the workings of someone else's self-centered imagination. As we look around the world there are many worldly common truths that we can easily  identify as having their foundation in someone's self-centered imagination. The tricky thing, the thing which we most often do not do, is to examine the contents of our own mind to identify our own self-centered truths. Still one step further then is the recognition of the distinction between the self-centered imagination and its true origin. The pure, original and natural mind that remains when the self-centered imagination is quiet. 

If all the world comes to help one another,

Tsukihi will accept all your minds. 

Since the sincere effort to help one another in all matters requires the settling of the self-centered imagination it is a sure method to realize single-hearted salvation. The perfection of the method is the perfection of the service to all human kind. Since such a path mirrors Moonsun's mind, its perfection is the realization of single-hearted salvation and that is what is meant by the phrase Tsukihi will accept all your minds. 

If Tsukihi accept your minds,

I shall work in all matters whatever,

No need to speculate on the meaning of this verse as it is explained in the next verse.

What do you think this working is to be?

It is solely to distinguish between good and evil.

So when Moonsun accepts a mind, that is when a mind becomes single-hearted with Moonsun, that mind will enjoy Moonsun's working in all matters. We are taught here to understand that working as being the ability to distinguish between good and evil. 

I think that we will want to tread very carefully here. This sounds very familiar to my worldly common ear. I am aware of many different systems for distinguishing between good and evil. In general they can be grouped into categories, some of which would include, moral ethical systems, religious systems, philosophical systems, medical systems and the like. 

Having pondered the instructions above I have found that most of the systems for distinguishing good from evil ( virtually all of the major ones that I am aware of ) are products of the best efforts of our worldly common self-centered human thinking. Certainly our common worldly experience is the better for them. Yet as products of our marvelous self-centered imaginations they are not enough; as the very self-centered imagination that they spring from also frustrates their good intentions.  Though the intentions in their formulation have been good they have not been able to ensure the true satisfaction of a joyous life in all matters.

The difference then is the ability to view good and evil from the point of view of  Moonsun's mind, the truth of origin, in all matters by replacing the common worldly ideas of good and evil that flow from the self-centered imagination with a fundamental point of view that ensures true satisfaction and joy in all matters whatsoever. 

Those who guide people must always keep their thoughts single-hearted with God, without entertaining self-centered mistaken thoughts... 

The 3rd Shinbashira, October 26, 1991- Quoting from a Timely Talk March 21, 1889(?)