Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 41 - 45

Until today, whatever wrongdoing there is said to be,

perhaps none of you has known it on your  body. 

We are to be shown the difference between good and evil. As I awaken to start my average day, my self-centered imagination, the voice of my mind, begins to talk to itself about itself and what it likes and doesn't like about the world. What it likes, it judges to be good and what it doesn't like, it judges to be bad. That as I understand it, is the world's reason. 

 In its considerations of wrongdoings my self-centered imagination usually identifies the source of wrongdoing as coming from someone else. Very rarely my self-centered imagination focuses on itself as the cause of some wrongdoing  or another but in most cases I am not too hard on myself. In either case it is not this worldly common wrongdoing that Moonsun is talking about. 

What Moonsun is trying to get us to see is the much deeper and much more rare consideration that the self-centered imagination's claim to outright ownership of a body is itself the actual prime wrongdoing, or wrong use of the human mind. That is to say Moonsun is trying to get us to know of the existence of that wrong use of the mind as it is superimposed on our body. This is not a common worldly truth!

God will teach you the truth about this.

Ponder over it, all of you.

The truth that Moonsun is promising to teach us is the fundamental teaching of the reason of heaven "Tenrikyo". The short hand for that truth is that "the human body is a thing borrowed and a thing lent".  We are advised to return what has been borrowed at once, with a word of thanks.  The verses at the top and bottom of this page convey the entire instruction. It is unfortunately a truth that the self-centered imagination cannot grasp. It is a fundamental truth that can be known and understood but it cannot be imagined. As a result it is a truth that when heard is often misunderstood in a common worldly way. 

All of you throughout the world are brothers and sisters.

There should be no one called an outsider.

Along with knowing and understanding the "mind like clear water" and the "Model of Parental Love", knowing and understanding the truth of this relationship provides us with yet another standard which we can use to prepare our minds to know and understand the truth of origin. It is common to hear this said in the world. It is rare to see it carried to its logical conclusion. 

That there is no one who knows the origin of this

is the very cause of the regret of Moonsun.

Without knowing and understanding the truth of origin, the truth that we are all brothers and sisters is just one more common worldly truth competing with many others for our attention. 

Those living in the high mountains and those living in 

the low valleys: their souls are all the same. 

There are of course a common worldly truths associated with this also. To one set of  common worldly human minds this truth is obviously true, while to another set it is obviously false.  To know Moonsun's intended meaning of "their souls are all the same" it is necessary to seek the one deeper truth that exists beneath all of the worldly common truths. That one truth is the truth of origin.  That one truth is the same for all human beings who would know and understand it regardless of time, place or level of spiritual maturity.