Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 46 - 49 

Furthermore, the instruments you use daily

are all things lent by Moonsun.

The natural point of view of the self-centered imagination is that it owns a body. Beginning there it then sets out to own other objects in relation to that body. This reminds us that the whole universe is actually Moonsun's body. The creation of human beings then is the creation of the self-centered imagination, or the idea of an existence that is independent of Moonsun. The self-centered imagination is a marvelous creation but as it involves the idea of limitations, where in reality there are none, it has had the unintended result of injecting fear and suffering into the unlimited workings of Moonsun. 

Unaware of this, the thought in the minds of all human beings 

is that there are the high and low.

Since we are clueless about the truth of origin we have become burdened with the causal results of our ideas concerning the differences in human self-centered imaginations. In many instances those imagined differences have become our only guide for determining the difference between what is good and what is evil. Of course our experience has proven this to be a pretty unreliable guide but with out any other certain guide we continue along making the same mistake and attempting to find true satisfaction where even our own experience shows that none can be found. 

By all means, Moonsun desires to make the truth of this matter 

clearly understood by the whole world.

Moonsun then desires to show us a sure guide to happiness and is striving to make the truth of origin, the truth that any and everything of this universe is truly the body of Moonsun, clearly known and understood by everyone in the world. 

If only this is clearly understood,

the root of rebellion will be cut off. 

Around the time that this was written a civil war was raging in Japan. There has never been a time before or since this was written when there wasn't a war raging somewhere in the world and indeed there have been two that have consumed the entire human community. Anyone who desires to see an end to the carnage is invited to return to the origin and clearly understand the one truth the understanding of which will eliminate human conflict.