Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII : 4 - 8

Whatever tidings you may hear, rejoice all the world.

They are the workings of Tsukihi.

Whether the news that we hear is good or bad we are taught to accept what we hear from the point of view that it is all Moonsun's workings. That is from the point of view of origin, the point of view of single-heartedness with God, the point of view of joy. 

The work that Tsukihi will go forth to do from now on:

perhaps no one knows what it will be.

This is really so different from our common worldly expectations that its importance is easily overlooked. Our common worldly expectation is that God will teach us truths that we can attach our imaginations to and hold as self-centered truths. Worldly common truth is then a body of ideas received and accepted by our self-centered imagination. It would be nice for our self-centered imaginations if those truths were carved in stone so to speak but even then interpretations of them would vary from one self-centered imagination to another. Still just such truths are at the foundations of our human cultures and we take them very seriously. 

Moonsun understands our attachment to self-centered truths and understands that they flow naturally from the mind that has the self-centered imagination as its foundation. The truth of origin however doesn't have anything in common with those self-centered truths but must interact with them (enter into the mud of our minds) in order to attract the self-centered imagination back to its original condition and single-hearted salvation. 

It is Moonsun's method to teach each of the children, in all times, places and at all levels of spiritual maturity according to their need. The mind that functions self-centeredly only, cannot see how that could be possible and cannot recognize Moonsun's workings in the world. The mind that seeks to understand the model of parental love shown in the Divine Model however perhaps can. By now in our examination of the Ofudesaki poems we can see that Moonsun's  method is one of constantly adapting to the needs of the children. The intention of God the parent to save all human beings equally remains the same of origin remains the same. As does the means to realize that intention through single-heartedness with the truth of origin. What changes is the explanation of the various methods (Services) for shifting and removing the dust. Those differ according to need of each and every human mind. 

Day after day, looking throughout the world, 

I feel pity for all My children.

We only need open our eyes and look around to see why this is the case. In the context of the poems through this  verse Moonsun is informing one group of children that there are others that also need care. It is hoped that some of the children will have matured enough to help with that task. In either case God the parent will stand by all of the children but if they do not mature, the children who heard Moonsun teachings first, through Oyasama's mouth, may not understand Gods need to save the other children in ways that are also appropriate for them. 

Tsukihi is solely hastening preparations 

to save you in anything whatever.

There is an opportunity here to compare our expectations with Moonsun's intention. On the one hand there is self-centered expectation, while on the other there is the single-hearted intention to equally save all human beings in all matters.

Until now, I have given you nothing but warnings.

From now on, there will be warnings no longer. 

The warnings of course tell us why we should embrace single-hearted salvation.  This verse then tells us that it is time to move on to the how stage. We are ready to work on the purification of the mind and the realization of single-hearted salvation for all people in all matters. 

Our gratitude is far beyond words. Because Church Headquarters was established, we were permitted to spread the teachings freely. Because Tenrikyo became and independent sect, though admittedly still clinging to some expedients to conform to the laws, the path of Oyasama advanced. The beginning of all that has occurred up to the present day was due to the parental love arising out Her regret. In pondering over this, I am sure that I am not the only one who is possessed by mixed feelings. 

The 3rd Shinbashira, January 26, 1986

The first step in responding to Oyasama's parental heart is not to accept it self-centeredly but to accept it as She has shown it. If we advance in accord with the parental heart shown in the Divine Model, understanding all events which occur from day to day by the standard of the Divine Model first, and strive to correct our own thinking without looking for other models to follow, then, I believe that we shall succeed in reducing even a portion of Her regrets. I stress here that the parental heart shown in the Divine Model is none other than single-heartedness with God and, therefore, when we are making efforts in spreading the teachings and salvation work, it is crucial that we are true to the spirit of single-heartedness with God. 

The 3rd Shinbashira, February 18, 1986