Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 50 - 53

Tsukihi sincerely desires only to end the wars

among those on the high mountains.

This verse is very instructive and can shed a great deal of light on the difficulty that Moonsun has to face in teaching us, as well as on the methodology that is manifest through the Model of Parental Love. We have previously just been taught that as regards the souls of human beings there is no "high" and "Low". Here however Moonsun is speaking about "those on the high mountains". To our worldly common ear that refers to people who have high social status. To Moonsun however, it refers to Moonsun's children who are alienated from the truth of origin and as a result are violently acting out selfish desires. To help us to see Moonsun's point of view it  is necessary for Moonsun to speak to us using terms and concepts that are familiar to us. Even using terms that refer to things and relationships that from the point of view of the truth of origin do not really exist. 

Take a moment and see how your self-centered imagination warmed up to the idea of "those on the high mountains".  Did you include yourself among them?  I would venture to guess that in most instances our self-centered imaginations have a tendency to slip into comfortable and familiar interpretations. If that is the case then we might well wonder how will we ever get to understand the truth of origin?

By what means can they be ended?

If only you set forth on the Joyous Service...

The performance of the Joyous Service is the answer. The Joyous Service is the way to calm, settle, clear and replace the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thoughts in all matters. The performance of the Joyous Service then is the way to purify the mind. Its completion is single-heartedness with Moonsun, the truth of origin. It is the ability to view all matters from Moonsun's point of view. 

Do not wonder from whose mind these words come.

They are solely from the mind of Tsukihi.

This is often repeated as it is important to distinguish between Moonsun's teaching, the truth of origin that is known when the human self-centered imagination is quiet and common worldly ideas which are the product of the human self-centered imagination. One is an unchanging truth known through removal of  thoughts and ideas while the other a constantly changing accumulation of truths based on  thoughts and ideas. 

It is difficult to do this Service because of the high mountains,

but God gives you firm assurance. 

When this was written the local authorities were attempting to keep the path from being opened. That is surely the worldly common backdrop for this theme. For many of us today there is no such limitation yet it is still difficult to perform the Service. On the broader stage the "high mountains" refers to the self-centered imagination, in all cases it is the true obstacle to single-hearted salvation.