Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 54 - 57

This time, in all matters, I shall truly give you 

My firm assurance and shall work.

We have been instructed to sweep away our self-centered imaginations. Whether our fear is based on pressures from without or hesitancy and trepidation within our own mind, we are given Gods promise of protection. We can let go of our self-centered imaginations and settle into God the Parent's protective embrace. Honest, try it and see. 

When God goes forth and works throughout the world,

there will be nothing to fear in doing any Service.

Though there are outside pressures that can cause us to say and do things that we would ordinarily of our own volition not say and do, our minds are ours and no one can keep us from returning to and serving the truth of origin. Service to the truth of origin is the sincere act of purifying the mind in whatever way we do it. The true art being the sincerity of our effort. Service to the truth of origin is the act of returning the mind to its original condition, single-heartedness with the parent of origin. Though the self-centered imagination can imagine lots of reasons why this service should not be done, there is really nothing to fear in doing it. 

Listen! Though the high mountains, boastful,

have done as they pleased to the low valleys,

The relationship between the "high mountains" and the "low valleys" is an interesting one. Generally it is one where one set of self-centered imaginations captures another. Often this is  initially accomplished by force but its enduring quality involves the sharing of self-centered dreams. 

In my own time there was a slogan that went something like, " imagine that they (the high mountains) declared a war and nobody came. That is a nice sentiment but the only real way to realize it would be for all of us to awaken from the self-centered dreams that ensure that we will show up. 

From now on, Moonsun shall come out in their place.

Let them try to do as they please if they dare. 

There are lots of worldly common stories that assume that god or gods will come out on  the side of one group of self-centered imaginations as opposed to another group of self-centered imaginations. 

What this verse promises however is that one set of self-centered imaginations will be replaced by God and that the remaining self-centered imaginations will be powerless to have their way with minds that have returned to the total protection and safety of  their origin. They are, after all, like the mind that they have merged into, immortal , enjoying God's free and unlimited workings. 

We refer to Oyasama's modeling of this as Her path of hardship and persecution. That however is just our limited point of view.  Oyasama, Herself showed a model of single-hearted joy in all circumstances. The verse at hand is yet another invitation for us to determine our minds and share in those free and unlimited workings. 

The hardships of Oyasama, were boundless and, thus, far beyond our imaginations. And yet, Oyasama was always cheerful and calm. She joyfully established the path of salvation, never giving the people who gathered around Her even the slightest hint of Her hardships.

Of course, there could not possibly have been any hardship or stain in the mind of Oyasama. Instead there were only radiance, joy and elation. 

The 3rd. Shinbashira, January 26, 1986