Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 62 - 65

Though God has been speaking the truth until now,

even those within only have doubts.

This teaching was and continues to be, a difficult topic for us to understand. We are, I think, generally open to all sorts of worldly common self-centered ideas but the truth of origin, though a simple truth, is very hard for us to settle into. In the context of this poem it seems as though the earliest followers, though eager to understand and please God were doubtful about the effectiveness of performing the Service and so were willing to do lots of things that they assumed that God wanted but not the one thing that God was hastening and giving priority to.  

This time, do not doubt whatever I say.

If you doubt, Moonsun will withdraw.

This theme opens with a promise of protection in all matters. We are taught here that doubt, removes that protection. 

I repeat this to you tediously.

If you doubt, you will truly repent it. 

No kidding, there is nothing like moving back and forth from the truth of origin to the worldly common world of the self-centered imagination to drive this point home. 

What Moonsun has once said

will never become false through all time. 

True "through all time" is a long time. Verses like this give us the opportunity to sort out the essential, unchanging truth from our constantly changing worldly common truths. Take a moment and try it out. I suggest that the unchanging truth is known and understood through the mind like clear water but don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Now, look and see.