Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 66 - 69 

Until now, all of you have only doubted whatever Moonsun said,

always erasing it by your words.

Perhaps we should pause here and reflect on the ways in which we tend to doubt Moonsun's teachings by erasing them with our words. The first and most obvious way is to just deny that Moonsun's teaching is of any value. In these discussions we have characterized that denial as flowing from a lack of understanding of those who were outside of the path and who sought to suppress its opening into the world. The second and less obvious way of doubting Moonsun's teaching has been characterized as the misunderstanding of Moonsun's intention by those who sincerely wanted to be on the path of single-hearted salvation but who could not understand what was being taught. Taken together those two categories constitute the "all of you" that this verse is addressing. 

Though differing in appearance, both the lack of understanding and the misunderstanding of Moonsun's intention and teachings flow from the point of view that has the self-centered imagination as its foundation. On the one hand the self-centered imagination declares that there is no need for Moonsun's teaching, while on the other the self-centered imagination sincerely interprets Moonsun's teachings in worldly common ways.  

For Moonsun, this is the greatest regret.

I shall correct this matter by all means.

Once again, the regret of Moonsun is the way in which the self-centered imagination is being used, or misused as the case may be. 

It especially important for Moonsun's instruments to note that Moonsun intends to correct this situation "by all means". 

From now on, you must not turn away

from whatever Moonsun says. You must lean on God. 

Our self-centered thoughts can very quickly, so much so that we might not even be aware of it, turn us away from Moonsun. To lean on God means settling those self-centered thoughts so that only the truth of origin remains. To do so is not to make the mind nothing. To lean on God is to awaken from the self-centered dream that occupies much of our waking experience of the world. 

Then I, God, shall give you My firm assurance

and shall work.

Though it may not seem so at first glance. When understood, to determine the mind to lean on God is truly the only free and unlimited way of true satisfaction and a joyous life for all human beings.