Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 70 - 72

As Moonsun persuades you to such a degree,

if your mind is in error, I shall withdraw at once.

This is a pretty tricky business. Though simple enough, it is difficult for us to understand Moonsun's intention and return our minds to their origin because our self-centered thinking tends to be more complex in its assumptions than the plain truth that is always present. Further, once the mind is returned to its original pristine condition it can also be difficult and tricky to stay there. 

We need not be discouraged by this however. What Moonsun asks us to do is not impossible. There are a great many worldly common tasks that we perform every day that need to be done in the proper measure and in the proper order. We are just not used to paying attention and carefully ordering the way in which we use our mind. For instance, it is quite possible to live one's entire life without engaging in deep self reflection or identifying and settling our imaginations. 

This verse is making it clear that the mind is either single-hearted with Moonsun or it is not. Knowing that truth is itself a useful piece of information. It is not intended to be a criticism of our efforts but is rather a guide so that we can focus and concentrate on the real issue and in so doing perfect and complete our  service to the truth of origin even a moment sooner.   

If your mind is truly sincere,

there will never be a failure in any salvation.

Though we may seek salvation in one self-centered endeavor, the salvation that is offered is the single-hearted salvation of every endeavor. The truly sincere mind is the mind that has returned to its origin, it is the mind like clear water. Check it out now. Stop and pay attention to your mind. Look through the voice of your imagination. Distinguish between the world as it is and the world as you imagine it to be. It is indeed a remarkable path, isn't it?

Hereafter, in order that there be no failure in the fertilizer 

for the crops, please understand Me clearly. 

The fertilizer for the crops is the way to purify the mind. If we do not understand and take care of  the fertilizer, we risk both the failure of what is of primary importance to us, our self-centered imaginations, and also the failure of any and every salvation that surely flows from single-heartedness with Moonsun.