Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 73 - 75

From today, I shall begin to tell you the thoughts of Moonsun

on all matters whatever.

We have mentioned in the past that there are three interpretations that inform our understanding of these verses. We could then offer examples of all three interpretations for each and every verse. The verse at hand, it seems to me, clearly invites just such an approach so we will take a moment and view it from three different points of view. 

As children of the parent we could say that we stand with our arms outstretched more or less constantly asking our parent to satisfy our immediate concerns. From this point of view we might expect that the rest of this book would be encyclopedic in its scope as it listed each and every human concern, providing Moonsun's thoughts on each matter. That of course is not the case. Our parent of origin wants us to be able to make our own free and unlimited choices about our day to day concerns and hastens us to approach all matters from the point of view of single-heartedness with God, with the understanding that this universe is the body of God.  

Moonsun understands our self-centered point of view and has modeled a path of single-hearted salvation that shows a tireless effort to show the way to single-hearted salvation in ways that are appropriate for all of God's children equally. Thus we can reasonably interpret this verse as saying that Moonsun will teach us the way to single-hearted salvation in all matters using methods that are appropriated for our time, place and level of spiritual maturity. 

Finally, Moonsun's thoughts on all matters whatever is that to ensure free and unlimited workings, true satisfaction in all things and the joyous life, all matters should should be viewed from the point of view, the stable foundation, of single-heartedness with Moonsun.

Though even until now I have told you almost everything,

I have not yet told you Moonsun's intention.

That the world exists is because Moonsun exists, because Moonsun exists human beings exist and are able to know and understand things. Everything that we know or think that we know is and has been taught to us by Moonsun. The one truth that Moonsun had not taught us is the truth of origin, single-heartedness with Moonsun. Because we have been unable to find joy in the state of our minds and in the state of the world that lack that one truth, Moonsun intends to make repairs to the creation and awaken all human beings equally by teaching us that one missing truth, the truth of our origin and single-hearted salvation. 

From now on, whatever talks I may give,

never think that they are false.

The world looks completely different from the point of view that everything is Moonsun. We can either turn away from that teaching, thinking that it is false. Or we can turn away from the self-centered imagination and leaning on Moonsun walk the path that leads to single-hearted salvation. We are here advised to turn away from the interpretation of the world as it flows from the self-centered imagination and instead trust in God's teaching and embrace the truth of origin and single-hearted salvation.