Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: - 76 - 79 

There is no knowing what I shall say,

for the mind of Tsukihi hastens.

We are so comfortable with our limited self-centered view of things that we expect that Moonsun will be limited also. This verse makes it clear that Moonsun is not limited in any way, particularly as regards teaching and hastening single-hearted salvation. This is great news for everyone in the world as it implies that Moonsun, the truth of origin, is willing to teach each of us equally according to our needs and capacities. 

What do you think My thoughts are about?

They are about Nihon, Kara, and Tenjiku.

To those in the village at the time that this was written, the words, Nihon, Kara and Tenjiku when used in this context would mean everyone in the world. Taken together these two verses teach us that to see  Moonsun's workings in the world we will have to make our minds one with Moonsun's intention, means and method in opening paths of single-hearted salvation for all  of the minds of the world.  

Though there are many leagues in between,

I shall work even in a single night. 

It is possible for Moonsun to work single-hearted salvation all over the world "even a single night" because Moonsun is already everywhere and at the core of every human mind. All that is needed is for Moonsun's instruments, "Timbers" to show the way to quiet the self-centered imagination so that Moonsun's truth can rush out and be realized. 

What are you humans thinking of this talk? Your bodies are 

things lent by Tsukihi and you are all children of Mine. 

I suspect that the the question is asked because the earliest followers were unable to understand Moonsun's intention and continued to think of Moonsun's teaching in a rather local and and common worldly way. Certainly, comparing the implications of the truths that everything is the body of Moonsun and that we are all equally children of Moonsun, with our worldly common thoughts will make a huge difference in the way in which we carry forward Moonsun's intention to the entire world.