Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 80-83

So long as Moonsun keeps still,

there will be no hope of settling. 

On our own and guided solely by our self-centered imaginations we have no hope of settling our minds and returning them to their original pristine condition so that we will be able to find joy in all circumstances.. 

Therefore, Moonsun will go forth to work.

There is no one who knows where I shall go.

Fortunately, Moonsun has now intervened in our affairs and intends to repair the human creation. Thinking locally and struggling with a narrow path, no one could see that Moonsun intended to enter into the dust of all human minds and make them pure so that they can return to their origin and single-hearted salvation. Who, at the time, could know where Moonsun will go or what Moonsun will do to purify the human minds of the world? Even now this is a difficult view to see from the narrow path. 

I say that I shall purify all minds throughout the world.

Never think of it as a small matter.

Using instruments, Timbers, Moonsun intends to purify all minds throughout the world. The local view of the self-centered imagination cannot understand it and perhaps thinks it can be done as a "small matter", that is, in a worldly common way. 

In whatever matters, if the innermost heart of each of you 

is purified, there will be no danger. 

The real issue then is the purification of the innermost heart. Letting go of the small matters, doubts and fears, the "Timbers" will proceed even to the far corners of the world, teaching the way of single-hearted salvation, the way of purifying the innermost heart in a manner appropriate for whatever time, place and level of spiritual maturity they may encounter. Anchoring their thoughts in the truth of origin and trusting in the reason, knowledge and understanding that flows through the mind like clear water, reasoning from the truth that the whole world is the body of God, those "Timbers" have nothing to fear, for them there is no danger in any matter whatsoever.