Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 84 - 87 

Day after day, the thought of Moonsun is only to wait 

for a large number of people to come to Me.

This invitation is as fresh and current today as it was when this poem was written. Moonsun continues to hasten and awaits the awakening and arrival of 'Timbers" from all over the world. 

The reason I am waiting for these people

is that I desire to save all of My children in the world. 

This is a straight forward expression of Moonsun's intention in gathering "Timbers". 

You cannot know what a marvelous path 

will come into sight this year.

The reason why we "cannot know what a marvelous path will come into sight" is because our self-centered thinking is unable to grasp and understand Moonsun's intention for all human beings equally. When we look to the Divine Model we can clearly see the disconnect. The children are willing to worship Oyasama as God but unwilling to perform the Service. The children were willing to pray for the relief of their own concerns but were reluctant to prepare their minds to save others equally. That is in ways appropriate for some one else's time, place and level of spiritual maturity.  

No matter how I try to tell you the truth by words,

there is no one who understands. 

No matter how many self-centered ideas we shift around in our minds we will not be able to get them to add up to the truth of origin. The solution to this problem is the settling of the self-centered imagination, the purification of the mind through the performance and  perfection of the Service.