Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 88 - 91

Therefore, Moonsun will at this time

demonstrate the truth for you in all matters.

Of course Oyasama comes to mind here. As a shrine of Moonsun Oyasama is by Her actions able to demonstrate for us a Model of the truth in action in all matters. And although that is so, I do not think that it is what Moonsun has in mind for this verse. Instead, I believe that Moonsun intends to demonstrate to each and every mind the truth in all matters. Not as a demonstration to be viewed externally but rather as a demonstration in our own minds. Moonsun intends to show us the truth in our own minds! This kind of demonstration requires understanding. It is really a very remarkable approach. We are not asked to see and believe we are asked to know and understand. 

Whatever I do,

never think that there is any human mind mixed in it. 

The view point of a self-centered imagination is totally absent from Moonsun's teachings except as an obstacle to be quieted, settled, replaced, cleared, swept clean and so on. Unfortunately we tend to mix it with Moonsun's teachings and then cannot understand what Moonsun is trying to teach us. For that reason we are continually warned in these poems about the potential for making that error so that we can adjust our minds and avoid it.  

Moonsun cannot bear to look on any longer. 

That is why I shall work in all matters. 

From Moonsun's point of view the path that human beings are on is pitiful. Though we each do our best in our self-centered pursuit of happiness, when we honestly look at the state of our minds and the state of the world we find that we are pretty much making a mess out of things. Lots of people have been aware of this problem for a very long time. Unfortunately we tended to only have self-centered solutions to offer and those just add to the problem. Seeing our condition Moonsun has entered into our affairs and is providing us with a real solution for all problems in all matters 

However strong or youthful you may be,

never think that such a condition is reliable. 

From our self-centered point of view much attention is given to single-hearted salvation as the cure for our illnesses and troubles. Moonsun is here making it clear that single-hearted salvation is totally appropriate for the young and strong as well. Indeed for the the world of Joyous Life to be realized future generations will have to be raised with single-heartedness, the truth of origin as the foundation of their thinking. The time to awaken is now, there is no need to wait and chance the pressures of illness or trouble as they steal the joy from one's life.