Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 92 - 95

At this time, God is openly revealed

and speaks to you freely without restriction. 

It is of course an important part of the Model Path that God is openly revealed through Miki Nakayama. That is to say that Miki's human mind was replaced by Moonsun's mind, the truth of origin and so by "borrowing Miki's mouth" Moonsun was able to act in the human world and open new paths of single hearted-salvation for all human beings. In hastening all of us to follow the Model Path to its completion as single-hearted salvation and eventually universal single-hearted salvation, Moonsun found it necessary to speak to us, that is to teach us, in ways that address the limitations of our self-centered imaginations but which truly show the way to awaken from those limitations and enjoy the free and unlimited workings of single-hearted salvation.  

That God speaks to us freely without restriction is also an important part of the Model. As was mentioned, God is able to speak to each of us in ways that address the restrictions and  limitations of our self-centered imaginations because God's workings are free and unlimited. This ability to speak freely and without restriction is important to the functioning of God's timbers or the instruments to be used in opening new paths of single-hearted salvation all over the world. 

The crucial state of mind necessary for speaking freely and without restriction is single-heartedness with the truth of origin. That single-heartedness can of course be tested in the "mind like clear water", through the mind that thinks solely of saving all of the minds in of the world equally and by pondering in all matters the truth that any and everything is the body of God.. 

 As I shall work in truth in all matters,

your innermost heart will, of itself, be made clear.

If we make the effort to view all matters from the point of view of the truth of origin that sincere effort will in and of itself clear the dust from our innermost heart so God's free and unlimited workings can flow freely into our life and the world. 

 Until now, all humankind has been pondering

only with the human mind.

Using the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thinking we have been unable to find true satisfaction in the state of our lives and in the state of the world. 

This time, there is no need at all 

to ponder with the human mind on any matter. 

How can we distinguish between pondering with the human mind and not pondering with the human mind? The human mind leans on self-centered thoughts as opposed to the mind like clear water ( the mind in which all things are seen as they are and not as they are imagined to be). The human mind views numerous self-centered truths that though true are in time subject to change while the pondering that is done by the not human mind views all from the point of view of a single unchanging truth, the truth of origin.