Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 96 - 99

I shall tell you any and everything.

Whatever I say, never take it to be false.

There are two general categories of denial of Moonsun's teaching. The most obvious is the denial of those outside of the path who do not understand Moonsun's intention and as a result do not find any value in the teaching. The second, less obvious category is the denial of those close to Oyasama, those within the path, who though they would like to understand, still misunderstand Moonsun's intention and as a result are unable to realize the promise of Moonsun's teaching.  

Whatever kind of people may be rampant

on the high mountains, no one knows the truth.

In this instance the misunderstanding that is addressed concerns the tendency that followers of the path may entertain attempts to gain the approval of those who are influential in their societies by altering Moonsun's teaching and making changes and interpretations that would make it acceptable to established authorities.

This is an interesting situation. On the one hand Moonsun has shown a willingness to make changes to accommodate the needs of the children in ways that are appropriate for the time, place and their level of spiritual maturity. What we see here is the requirement the path be based on the truth of origin, single-heartedness with God. Though those on the High Mountains (us depending upon our circumstance) might have some clever worldly common ideas, those ideas lack the truth of origin and are not Moonsun's teaching. 

Wherever you may be,

Moonsun clearly sees your innermost heart.

Moonsun sees our innermost heart because Moonsun dwells within our innermost heart. The problem is that over time our innermost hearts have become covered over with an accumulation of limitations, self-centered thoughts which we mistake for the only true state of our world, Fortunately, now Moonsun is trying to help us to remove those limitations so that we can live freely and  joyously. 

If your innermost heart accords with the mind of Moonsun,

I shall exert Myself in your favor forever. 

Moonsun is always on our side and is always acting in our favor. It is our reliance on our self-centered thinking that keeps us from enjoying Moonsun's eternal favor that is always available to us. When our self-centered imagination is identified and settled, making our mind like clear water, that mind is in accord with Moonsun's mind and the truth of origin. Check it out for yourself and see.