Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII: 9 -12

Until today, being aware of nothing,

you have used only the human mind and worried yourselves.

Using the human mind solely from the point of view of the self-centered imagination provides us with very good cause to worry. 

From now, firmly replace that mind, 

lean on God, and do the Joyous Service. 

We are advised to replace the mind that uses the self-centered imagination as its foundation with  the truth of origin. Leaning on that truth and joyously serving God the parent and being one with God the parent's intention, serving all mankind. 

When it is done, I shall directly reveal blessings clearly,

Watch for them.

Replacing the mind, settling the self-centered imagination, leaning on God as demonstrated in the Divine Model, and completing the Joyous Service. The completion of these means the removal of the obstacle that is keeping blessings from being revealed clearly as they flow from the origin.

If only the blessings are clearly seen,

thereafter all will be the Kanrodai for all time.

For the blessings to be clearly seen, the truth of origin, the core of the mind, must be uncovered and revealed. The Kanrodai is the parent of origin known and clearly seen in the world. It is the stand to be set in as the foundation of the human mind. Marvelous blessings continually flow from the parent of origin but we cannot see them because we are lost in our self-centered imaginations and cannot set up the Kanrodai.. We are taught that the Kanrodai cannot be set in place because the water is too muddy.  When our minds are made pure then the Kanrodai is set up and those marvelous blessings can be seen and made manifest in the world. The image is of a stand with a flat dish set on its top. When set up correctly with the foundation securely set in the truth of origin, blessings collect on the plate that is set on top of the stand. Like dew, pure, refreshing and pervasive. The stand is God the Parent and the plate is the purified  human mind.