Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 21 - 24

Whatever I do to the body,

it is not an illness but the care of Moonsun.

The body that is spoken of here is Moonsun's body. From Moonsun's point of view, the changes that take place in Moonsun's body are manifestations of care. From the point of view of the self-centered imagination that same care is viewed as an illness and a cause for suffering. As i write this galaxies are colliding somewhere within Moonsun's body. That this is happening is also the care of Moonsun. This body that I am borrowing from Moonsun is fighting off an invasion. I experience it as a cold. This too is the care of Moonsun. 

The world is saying that it is cholera,

but it is Moonsun informing you of the regret.

Here then is Moonsun's method. Our self-centered point of view is causing us to suffer and perhaps no where is there a more graphic demonstration than the self-centered imagination's experience of suffering from illness as a result of the innocent error of claiming ownership and dominion over a of a portion of Moonsun's body.  Moonsun wishes us to use that suffering as a tool, a wake up call to remind us to sweep the regret of self-centered thinking from our minds and awaken to the true satisfaction, freedom and joy that comes from returning to our origin and single-heartedness with Moonsun. 

Everywhere in the world, people are the same:

they only have depressed minds.

The dust of self-centered thinking, the use of the self-centered imagination as the foundation of all thought, accumulates frustration because of the limitations that such an insecure foundation provides. 

From now on, firmly replace the mind

and become the mind of joyousness.

This sounds like a plan. I want to firmly replace my mind and become the mind of joyousness. I assume that that means replacing the foundation that is my self-centered imagination ( and a rickety and touchy thing it is) with the sure footed foundation of the truth of origin. To do that I suppose that I might first have to identify my self-centered imagination so that I can get a hold of it and remove it. 

Ok, I know what my self-centered imagination is. It is the voice of my mind and what a chatter box it is. Now that I am paying attention to it I think that I have discovered that it runs almost continually. Wow, imagine the kind of torment such a device running an unchecked dialogue of suffering with itself could produce. Deep sleep would be the only refuge. Or would it? Suppose that one could learn to turn off that constant chatter and replace it with that oft mentioned and little understood treasure, unity of mind. What would that unity of mind look like? I suppose that one could metaphorically speak of it as "the mind like clear water". Take a look at it and see for yourself. 

Now if we could only figure out how to stay there.