Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 25 - 28

The reason Moonsun began human beings

was the desire to see you lead a joyous life.

There is no agreement on whether or not there is intention in the creation but a peek at the totally purified mind like clear water will settle the discussion. The natural point of view of our original  of state of mind can accurately be called one of joy. After three years old we begin to develop a self-image, that is who we imagine ourselves to be. It is down hill from there. 

Because the world does not know this truth,

everyone sinks only deeper into depression.

The nature of the self-centered imagination is to try and find happiness in external things. It is a constantly moving target and for many of us the frustration and suffering that accompanies it can make life a burden instead of a joy. 

Moonsun desires to bring joyousness to all.

If anyone dares to stop this, the regret will grow enormous.

These poems address roughly three different categories of ignorance or dust as concerns Moonsun's intention and teachings. In the first case we are innocently ignorant because we have never been taught. In second case we may have heard Moonsun's teachings and intention and thought it to be not a trustworthy path, one not worth pursuing. This we have characterized as exhibiting a lack of understanding of Moonsun's intention. Finally there are those of us who have heard Moonsun's teachings and want to understand them but for a variety of reasons are unable to understand clearly and  instead end up misunderstanding Moonsun's intention. 

These last two characterizations of lack of understanding and misunderstanding also present self-centered imaginations with the option of an unfortunate path of action. For some minds it is not enough to doubt or reject. The degree of their self-centeredness moves them to also restrict, control and persecute. Big time dust and for what? The Model Path is pretty well documented. It is instructive to look at it and to speculate on what could possibly have been seen as threatening about it. Moonsun wants to show us all how to enjoy a state of mind in which we can all be really free and live joyously. Some self-centered imaginations find that threatening. That our self-centered imaginations can talk themselves into such a state is a sad state of affairs that can cause much regret and suffering in the world. 

I request you to understand this talk clearly

and to ponder quickly.

Moonsun's teaching and the promise of single-hearted salvation are free to all and open to all equally. We all have a mind, the foundation of our thinking is either the truth of origin or it is the self-centered imagination. There are no restrictions. Single-hearted salvation is possible and available even at this moment. Moonsun, please accept my sincere mind.