Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV:  37 - 40

In all matters, think well about the Parent's regret,

being only opposed by My own children.

Here then is a total view of the world, its problems and their solution. The Parent intends that the children return to their origin and awaken to their full identity as equal brothers and sisters, equal children of the one original Parent and with that understanding recreate the world as one of joyous life for all. We children on the other hand do not know the truth of our origin. Nor do we know our original Parent and by our actions are opposing the efforts of our Parent of origin to call us home. 

From now on, as the Parent is revealed,

I shall not take opposition from wherever it may come.

In the past we had an excuse for our behavior. We were never taught and better. Now, as the Parent is revealed our only excuse is our headstrong selfishness. Our opposition has a cost. From the time that the truth of origin is revealed to us we can expect the Parent of origin to give us a return for our actions. 

This opposition: if anyone becomes rampant and directs it at Me,

I shall withdraw at once.

I believe that there is a tradition that attributes to the phrase " I shall withdraw at once" a meaning that those who of us who are rampant in our opposition to the Parent of origin will die or be killed by our Parent. This I think has to be looked at in the light of the a model of Parental Love. In my own case it is out of the question but then I think that there might also some tough neighborhoods where that model might be understood differently. But certainly such an interpretation would run counter to God the Parent's of intending no evil. 

Upon reflection, the view that I offer is that in any given matter the self-centered imagination is either one with the truth of origin, single-hearted, or it is turned away from the truth of origin and alienated from it. When single-hearted the return is immediate freedom from illness, trouble, death and suffering. When purposely turned away from the truth of origin the return is immediate limitation and the cumulative anxiety that comes from being alienated from the truth of oneself. Illness, trouble, death  and suffering are true worldly common experiences of a self-centered imagination that is ignorant of the truth of its origin.  

Whatever I may work,

I shall give you as much notice in advance as I possible can.

This is a very interesting aspect of this model and this teaching. There are numerous examples of worldly common truths that attribute divine agency to all sorts of unexpected events. From our point of view some of those events good and some evil. In this model however, everything, as much as is possible, is transparent. We are told what is happening and what is intended to happen over every step of the way. The way is cleared, the pitfalls exposed, the proper way to proceed is shown clearly according to our needs. All just as a parent would do for a beloved child.